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The "Digitalize System" allows the player to temporarely fuse with their demon partner, enhancing the player power above and beyond normal. It allows you to acquire a portion of your demon's parameter stats, it's resistances and skills depending on the Digitalize Level (DLv) and passives you have selected for it's race.

About Digitalize

There are two types of Digitalize, Novice and Artisan. Novice is unlocked by giving x10 Magnetite Pressers α while Artisan requires you to complete one of Shiho's Requests. You may acquire both of them, they will be visible in your Valuables list.

  • Novice mode allows you to use non-mitama demons, but it has a number of limitations: The base duration of digitalize is decreased to 3 minutes, the base stat boost is reduced to 10% (an estimation) of your demon's stats, and you will only be able to increase that demon race's DLevel up to 5.
  • Artisan mode requires you to use mitama demons, but it increases the base duration of digitalize to 6 minutes, and the base stat boost to 30% (also an estimate) of your demon's stats.

Once it is unlocked, you can open the digitalize menu (デジタライズシステム) by clicking the DEVIL icon in your menu bar:


By double-clicking the demon's icon you will activate Digitalize and a timer will show on the menu. The demon in Digitalize state cannot be summoned or stored in a depository. Once the time runs out, the demon you had previously selected will enter a cool-down phase (Base cool-down is 180 minutes) and you will not be able to digitalize it again before it's done. (this process can be skipped by summoning the demon in question and using a Digitalize Refresh Gummy, or by giving x10 Magnetite Pressers α OR x1 Pure Magnetite to Shiho.)

The initial races are limited, by raising the DLv of certain ones you can unlock the others:
(LAW: Divine, Wild Bird, Earth Element, Entity are unlocked at Start)
(NEUTRAL: Beast, Fairy, Elemental, and Fiend are unlocked at the start)
(CHAOS: Brute, Evil Dragon, and Haunt are unlocked at the start)

Each race is placed into a certain tier of 1-5, they are as follows:

Tier Law Neutral Chaos
1 Divine, Wild Bird, Earth Element Fairy, Beast, Elemental Brute, Evil Dragon, Haunt
2 Raptor, Yoma Nocturne, Wilder, Dragon King Femme, Foul
3 Avian, Evil Demon Demigod, Godly Beast, Holy Beast Dragon, Fallen Angel
4 Entity, Vile, Goddess, Heavenly God Reaper Nation Ruler, Earth Mother, Guardian
5 Demon God, Seraphim Fiend Destroyer, Tyrant
  • The higher the tier, the more DP it will require to level up. (I.E. a Tier 5 demon will require 5 times as much DP as a Tier 1 demon)

This is an overview of the minimal requirements of how to unlock each different family (Fiend and Entity are also included but for Fiend going David is easier than the picture depicts):

Demon Family requirements

Digitalize Points

To raise your DLv you must accumulate Digitalize Points (DP). There are a number of different ways to raise DP:

It is possible to check the status of DLvs by accessing the Digitalize Level Menu (デジタライズレベル)
Once you have reached the required DLv, you can select Assist Passive skills. These effects are carried across the selected race:
Important: Once selected they cannot be undone unless you have a Rollback PG!

Digitalize Extended Skills

At certain DLv you will automatically learn Extend Passive Skills, these effects will be active even without digitalizing.

Extend Special Skills
Effect Player Icon Demon Icon
Basic Stat Increase zEdmekW.png 8tcyMgW.png 6jqNdzl.png
LB Upper Limit Increase qUJQyGT.png

Extend Passives

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