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How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
Rank Down Onmoraki 1 0 99%
2-55 Moh Shuvuu 28 ? ?%
56-81 Zhen 41 840 39%
82-89 Furiae 45 1012 33%
90-137 Camazotz 69 2380 7%
Special Fusion Anzu 70 ? 10%
138+ Hresvelgr 78 3042 3%
Special Fusion Gurr 83 ? -2%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Down Down Down Down
Race Combinations in Dyad Fusion
Vile+Fairy Divine+Reaper Avian+Wild Bird Avian+Evil Demon
Avian+Reaper Wild Bird+Reaper Wild Bird+Fallen Angel Wild Bird+Evil Dragon
Wild Bird+Brute Evil Demon+Holy Beast Reaper+Wilder Reaper+Fallen Angel
Evil Dragon+Haunt

ajX5UWn.png Onmoraki

Main article: Onmoraki

A type of specter found in Japanese legends. Onmoraki are former humans whose spirits have been transformed by hatred because they did not undergo rites of purification after they died. They appear as cranes with human heads and forked tongues. They shake their feathers and wail in high-pitched human voices.

The greatest desire of the Onmoraki (is to) undergo purification rites, and they are said to appear in Buddhist temples. They are also known to appear to monks who are lax in reciting their sutras.

Moh Shuvuu icon.png Moh Shuvuu

Main article: Moh Shuvuu

zsxTMcG.png Zhen

Main article: Zhen

A venomous bird appearing in Chinese legends. Its body is as large as an eagle, and its beak is the color of polished bronze, or reddish-black. Its feathers are a brilliant mix of purple and green.

These feathers are infused with a venom so deadly that plants wither and die wherever it flies. It is said that in ancient China, the wings of the Zhen were cut off and steeped in rice wine to make a poisonous brew that was used in assassinations. Since there were no known venomous birds, the Zhen was long held to be a mythical creature. However, the recent discovery of a bird with venomous wings in New Guinea has raised the possibility that the Zhen may actually have existed in the past.

JKBxIOe.png Furiae

Main article: Furiae

The three goddesses of revenge in Roman mythology. In Greek mythology they were known as the Erinyes. They are sometimes named among the Harpies who live in hell. The Furiae would pursue sinners to the ends of the earth to catch them and take their souls to hell, where they would be given unendurable punishments to fit their crimes. However, the Furiae never killed their victims.

The three Furiaes were named Alecto ("unceasing"), Tisiphone ("avenging murder"), and Megaera ("grudging"). They were said to be the physical embodiment of the gods' vengeance. However, in Roman mythology, they were also known as the Eumenides ("Gracious Ones").

CX2KD71.png Camazotz

Main article: Camazotz

A bat god of Mayan mythology. He lives in the Hall of Bats, which stands in Xibalba, the underworld and home of the gods of death.

Camazotz took the form of a giant bat, with razor-sharp claws and giant fangs. He also had a sharp, knife-shaped nose, and used his vaunted nose and claws to attack his prey.

Camazotz is well-known for cutting off the head of the hero One-Hunahpu. His sons, Hunahpu and his twin brother Xbalanque, later took back his head and defeated the gods of death, but the twins eventually met their doom in battle.

P190xIt.png Anzu

Main article: Anzu

MpwQXig.png Hresvelgr

Main article: Hresvelgr

In Norse mythology, Hresvelgr is a giant who takes eagle form. According to the poem Vafpruonismal from the Poetic Edda, he sits at the end of the world and causes the wind to blow when he beats his wings in flight.

1DUQrB8.png Gurr

Main article: Gurr

According to Sri Lankan Buddhism, Gurr (or Gurulu) is an evil and carnivorous giant eagle that feeds on flesh. It is widely believed that Gurr is a demonization of the Hindu lesser deity Garuda as Sri Lankan Buddhism and Hinduism have been at odds in the past.

Demons Onmoraki • Moh Shuvuu • Zhen • Furiae • Camazotz • Anzu • Hresvelgr • Gurr
Variations Deformed Onmoraki • Accomplished Onmoraki • Nimble Zhen • Accomplished Zhen • Shining Furiae • Lucky Moh Shuvuu • Inexperienced Gurr
Limited Manifestation Onmoraki • Bitter Black Moh Shuvuu
Enemy Nightmare Onmoraki • Flame Onmoraki • Dense Forest Zhen • Nightmare Zhen • Swift Greed Windy Furiae • Unshakable Jealousy Mighty Mt. Furiae • Silent Vengeance Dense Forest Furiae • Winged Jailer Furiae • Merciful Aggression Flame Furiae • Dabster Furiae • Lightning Furiae • Shadowy Camazotz • Glaring Soul Giver Hresvelgr • Superior Demon Hresvelgr • Grief Caller Gurr • Superior Demon Gurr • Disaster Bringing Eagle Gurr
Event None

Demonic Compendium
By Alignment Law HeraldEntityDeityVileAvianMegamiAmatsuRaptorDivineJakiFlightYomaJiraeMachine
Neutral ReaperHolyBeastFairyElementFiendGenmaWilderSnakeNightAvatar
Chaos FoulBruteHauntDragonFallenFemmeKunitsuLadyDrakeKishinOmegaTyrantGaean
By Family God DeityMegamiEntity
Aerial HeraldDivineFallen
Icon VileAmatsuReaperKunitsuLadyKishinOmega
Demon JakiJiraeBruteFemme
Dragon SnakeDragonDrake
Nether YomaFairyGenmaNightTyrant
Bird AvianRaptorFlight
Beast HolyBeastWilderAvatar
Scourge Haunt
Pagan Foul
Prime Element
Human FiendGaean
Device Machine

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