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General Information

Fairies consist of demons mostly focusing on Magic or Support (with the exception of Troll). They generally have high magic points and standard hit points and generally a low defense rate. However, this weakness is easily covered up by both useful Support skills and powerful Destruction magic.

How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-3 Pixie 2 2 100%
4-21 Jack Frost 11 60 100%
22-29 High Pixie 15 112 98%
30-39 Pyro Jack 20 200 90%
40-45 Gandharva 23 264 86%
46-49 Kelpie 25 312 83%
50-61 Elf 31 480 74%
62-75 Troll 38 722 63%
76-83 Tam Lin 42 ? ?%
84-93 Vivian 47 ? ?%
94-103 Oberon 52 1352 42%
104+ Titania 57 1624 35%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Up Down Up Down
Race Combinations in Dyad Fusion
Megami x Snake Divine x Snake Divine x Flight Flight x Jirae
Jirae x Brute Night x Fallen Wilder x Brute

Demon goldfishred icon.png Baby Goldfish (Red)

Main article: Baby Goldfish (Red)

Demon goldfishblack1 icon.png Baby Goldfish (Black)

Main article: Baby Goldfish (Black)

Demon goldfishwhite icon.png Baby Goldfish (White)

Main article: Baby Goldfish (White)

Demon goldfishgold icon.png Baby Goldfish (Gold)

Main article: Baby Goldfish (Gold)

Demon pixie icon.png Pixie

Main article: Pixie

Fairies of English legend. They are also called Piskies and Puggsies.

Pixies are sometimes said to be the elements of unbaptized children, or souls that have left their bodies. They are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, but can grow bigger or smaller.

Pixies live in groups. They love to dance and can be found dancing in a circle nearly every night. So-called "fairy rings" are said to mark the group where they hold their dances.

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Demon jackfrost icon.png Jack Frost

Main article: Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a sprite of English folklore that only appears in wintertime. He can appear in many different forms, such as a snowman, a child, or an old man.

Jack Frost has a mischievous yet innocent personality. He tends to say "hee-ho" frequently and generally acts like a friendly child. He also has a menacing side, though ? get him angry, and he'll freeze you solid.

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Demon santafrost icon.png Santa Frost

Main article: Santa Frost

Santa Frost is a different demon from Jack Frost. Killing a Jack Frost does not affect the friendship of Santa Frost. Additionally, Santa Frost gets benefit from Jack Brothers F, but does not activate Jack Brothers L.

Demon shishimaifrost icon.png Shishimai Frost

Main article: Shishimai Frost

Shishimai Frost is a different demon from Jack Frost. Killing a Jack Frost does not affect the friendship of Shishimai Frost. Additionally, Shishimai Frost gets benefit from Jack Brothers F, but does not activate Jack Brothers L.

Demon highpixie icon.png High Pixie

Main article: High Pixie

High Pixies are high ranking pixies that act as leaders or commanders of younger pixies. Generally, a charismatic pixie can obtain this rank from proving its skill and loyalty. They watch over the younger pixies as guardians, and ensure they are kept out of danger, although they are every bit as mischievous as their younger counterparts.

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Demon pyrojack icon.png Pyro Jack

Main article: Pyro Jack

Imps of fire that appear in English legends.

Jack-o'-Lantern (Pyro Jack) is a soul who lived a decadent life and was refused entry into the afterlife. Taking pity on him, a demon placed a small bit of hellfire in a lantern made from a turnip to provide light for him as he wanders through the darkness. In the world of the living, he sometimes serves as a guide for travelers. Jack-o'-Lantern (Pyro Jack) is good friends with Jack Frost. Some Demon Busters claim to have seen them team up as Demon Buster-busting duo Lantern Frost.

Today, Jack-o'-Lantern (Pyro Jack) is known as the pumpkin ghost of Halloween. It is believed that this change from turnip to pumpkin came about when the custom of Halloween first came to the United States, because Americans found that pumpkins were brighter and easier to carve than turnips.

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I1C5SZq.png Santa Pyro

Main article: Santa Pyro

Santa Pyro is a different demon from Pyro Jack. Killing a Pyro Jack does not affect the friendship of Santa Pyro. Additionally, Santa Pyro gets benefit from Jack Brothers L, but does not activate Jack Brothers F.

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Demon gandharva icon.png Gandharva

Main article: Gandharva

An element of Indian and Persian mythology. It appears as a winged man from the waist up and a bird from the waist down. Gandharvas are the lovers and mates of Apsaras, water elementals. They are known as the protectors of Soma, the drink of the gods, and also as the musicians of the heaven.

In Buddhist tradition, they are revered as one of the Eight Legions.

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Demon kelpie icon.png Kelpie

Main article: Kelpie

Water sprites of Scottish folklore.

Kelpies resemble horses and eat the grass that grows by the waterside. If you touch one, you will never be able to let go. Those who try to climb on a Kelpie's back are dragged underwater and drowned. Kelpies are swift of foot and, if caught, make excellent steeds. Treating them roughly, however, will result in a curse.

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Demon elf icon.png Elf

Main article: Elf

A type of fairy that lives underground in the hills and fields where nature remains unspoiled. They are thought to have originated in Scotland, but appear in folklore throughout western and northern Europe. Both male and female elves appear young and beautiful, and enjoy eternal life. It is said that if a human sees one, he or she will fall in love at first sight.

Elves have a hollow in their backs and a long cow's tail. They are a gentle folk who love music and sometimes dance on the hilltops. However, some elves live in human houses and cause mischief. The elves are said to have their own kingdom and a society much like ours.

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Demon troll icon.png Troll

Main article: Troll

Earth sprites of Norse legend. They originate from the race of giants in Norse mythology.

Trolls are sometimes indentified with dwarves as skilled blacksmiths. They are described as large, hideous, ill-mannered, and stupid. They are said to live in houses made of gold and crystals, and often venture out in the hills and fields in the whit(e) nights of summer.

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Tam Lin icon.png Tam Lin

Main article: Tam Lin

Vivian_icon.png Vivian

Main article: Vivian

Demon oberon icon.png Oberon

Main article: Oberon

The King of the Fairies and the Air, and the husband of Titania, the Fairy Queen. He rules over moonlight, dreams, and all fairy rites. He first became widely known when he appeared as a character in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Although he has the face of a handsome young man, a curse has made him no taller than a three-year-old child. He is polite and sometimes even friendly towards humans.

Oberon is known as a selfish, short-tempered ruler, often falling in love with human women only to be restrained by his queen Titania. The two are said to have once lived in India, and would cross the sea to Europe at night to dance in the moonlight.

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Demon titania icon.png Titania

Main article: Titania

The Queen of the Fairies, a character in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The name Titania is thought to be derived from the Roman goddess Diana. It may also mean "daughter of the earth" or "daughter of the Titans."

Delicate and stunningly beautiful. Titania resides in the Kingdom of Fairyland, where she rules over the moonlit Fairy Forest.

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Event None

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