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The divine class of demons involves lawful humanoids, mostly of the angelic or semi-angelic type.

How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-21 Angel 11 60 84%
22-33 Archangel 17 144 75%
34-49 Principality 25 312 63%
50-71 Power 36 648 46%
72-101 Virtue 51 1300 24%
102-127 Dominion 64 2048 4%
128+ Throne 71 6%
Special Double Fusion Ose Hallel 73 ? 31%
Special Double Fusion Flauros Hallel 75 ? 28%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Down Down Up Up
Race Combinations in Dyad Fusion
Goddess+Fallen Angel Heavenly God+Fairy Vile+Seraphim Yoma+Wild Bird
Yoma+Nocturne Yoma+Godly Beast Yoma+Holy Beast Seraphim+Avian
Avian+Earth Element Wild Bird+Fairy Demigod+Brute Fairy+Godly Beast
Fairy+Beast Godly Beast+Fallen Angel Earth Mother+Brute

x3nIKBw.png Angel

Main article: Angel

The ninth class of angels in the Angelic Hierachy. They appear in Christianity, Islam. and Judaism as manifestations of God's will. The generic angels depicted in paintings are almost always of this class.

The word "angel" means "messenger" in Greek. Angels serve as a link between God and humankind. They are also sometimes referred to as "servants." Angels appear in many parts of the Bible and other scriptures.

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lc6gHKB.png Archangel

Main article: Archangel

The eighth class of angels, members of the Third Sphere, they are directly involved in the world of humans as the bearers of God's will, acting as a bridge between humans and their Lord. At the end of the world, they will be charged with the blowing the Seven Horns.

Archangels have a spiritual awareness two levels higher than humans. Unlike angels, their role is to guide groups and nations rather than individuals.

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vWjcVsZ.png Principality

Main article: Principality

The seventh class of angels. These angels protect the leaders of nations and large cities on Earth. They have an orthodox view of good and evil, but are said to be stubborn. Principalities are charged with patrolling the borders of regions overrun by demons and can create harmony between those in conflict. However, they are also the most easily corrupted of all angels.

Their spiritual awareness is three levels higher than humans. They are said to rule over time.

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nu45Eue.png Power

Main article: Power

The sixth class of angels, members of the Second Sphere. Their name signifies the power of God. They are also known as "Dynamis" and "Polantias".

Powers are tasked by their masters with destroying sinners who defy Heaven. They serve largely as holy soldiers, seen as capable of both good and evil. This is because they have the most contact with devils, compared to any other type of angel and thus are the most prone to fall from grace. They patrol the corridors of Heaven, always ready to stand on the front lines and defend Heaven from demons and other enemies.

Powers have a spiritual awareness four levels higher than humans. They help protect law and order in the natural world. They also took part in the Creation and serve as spiritual guides to all humanity.

Camuel, leader of the Powers, commands one million of these angels, while Raphael, one of the four Archangels, oversees the class.

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18ChRGS.png Virtue

Main article: Virtue

The fifth class of angels, ranked second among the Second Sphere. Their name signifies the virtue of God.

Virtues lack physical bodies and cannot directly affect reality. They are known as "the shining ones" and "the luminous ones." Virtues manifest themselves in the form of miracles. They create miracles before all who strive toward noble goals or fight in the name of good, bestowing favor and courage upon them.

It is said that two of these angels of might were summoned to accompany Christ during his Ascension. They also acted as midwives for the birth of Cain, Adam and Eve's first child.

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oxwvyf2.png Dominion

Main article: Dominion

The fourth class of angels, ranked first among the Second Sphere. Their name signifies control and rule.

Dominions are seen as symbols of mercy and are charged with effecting God's rule over the entire earth. They also serve to convey the will of God to lesser angels and see that it is carried out. They are said to receive orders from the Cherubim, angels of wisdom, and faithfully obey them.

The scepters that Dominions always hold in their hands are held to be a symbol representing God's power. In addition to these scepters, they are also sometimes depicted as holding scriptures, swords or scales.

The Second Sphere of angels was created by God to serve as the link between the order of the universe and the world of the angels. Their presence and importance are believed to be much lower than that of other angels.

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a5Zu8jN.png Throne

Main article: Throne

The third of nine classes of angels, they are angels of knowledge. The Thrones or Elders, also known as the Erelim or Ophanim, are a class of celestial beings mentioned by Paul of Tarsus in Colossians 1:16 (New Testament) and related to the throne of God. They are living symbols of God's justice and authority. They come the closest of all Angels to spiritual perfection and emanate the light of God with mirror-like goodness. They, despite their greatness, are intensely humble, an attribute that allows them to dispense justice with perfect objectivity and without fear of pride or ambition. Because they are living symbols of God's justice and authority, they are called Thrones and have as one of their symbols the throne.

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7vzlADe.png Ose Hallel

Main article: Ose Hallel
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IuUW6bV.png Flauros Hallel

Main article: Flauros Hallel
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Demonic Compendium
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