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How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-61 Omoikane 31 480 24%
62-67 Tajikarao 34 578 69%
Tri-fusion Hino-Kagutsuchi 65 ? 38%
67+ Take-Mikazuchi 71 2520 4%
Tri-fusion Tsukuyomi 80 ? 15%
Tri-fusion Amaterasu (M) 84 ? 8%
Tri-fusion Amaterasu (F) 94 ? 6%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Down Down Down Down
Race Combinations in Dyad Fusion
Demon God+Goddess Demon God+Avian Demon God+Nation Ruler Demon God+Guardian
Goddess+Divine Goddess+Avian Goddess+Demigod Seraphim+Earth Mother
Seraphim+Earth Element Avian+Demigod Avian+Dragon King Avian+Nation Ruler
Wild Bird+Dragon Demigod+Godly Beast

daMTfsy.png Omoikane

Main article: Omoikane

One of the "Eight Million" of Japanese mythology, the son of Takamimusubi. He is known as the god of knowledge.

Omoikane is famous as the one chosen by the gods to develop a plan to lure Amaterasu out of hiding in Amanoiwato after she was driven there by Susano'o.

He is still enshrined today at the Chichibu and Togakushi Shrines as the god of knowledge, learning, and exam-taking.

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Tajikarao icon.jpeg Tajikarao

Main article: Tajikarao

hinokagutsuchi.png Hino-Kagutsuchi

Main article: Hino-Kagutsuchi
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toFa7Zy.png Take-Mikazuchi

Main article: Take-Mikazuchi

One of the sons of Okuninushi. When Amatsukamis decided to increase their influence on the earth, they sent Takemikazuchi to conquer Takeminakata. They had the first sumo match which Takemikazuchi won. Takeminakata then had his arms been cut and fled to Lake Suwa, where he married the Suwa goddess Yasakatome and became the guardian god.

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tsukuyomi.png Tsukuyomi

Main article: Tsukuyomi
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Amaterasu(M) icon.png Amaterasu (Male)

Main article: Amaterasu (M)

Amaterasu(F) icon.png Amaterasu (Female)

Main article: Amaterasu (F)

Heavenly God
Demons Omoikane • Tajikarao • Hino-Kagutsuchi • Take-Mikazuchi • Tsukuyomi • Amaterasu (M) • Amaterasu (F)
Variations Accomplished Tajikarao
Limited Inexperienced Take-Mikazuchi • Tethered Horse Omoikane • Tethered Horse Tajikarao • Amaterasu of Kuyo • Quickly Produced Amaterasu (Female) • Quickly Produced Amaterasu (Male)
Enemy Omoikane (Boss) • Old Aged Omoikane • DB Kisugi • Cursed God Takemikazuchi • Fierce Cursed God Takemikazuchi • Furious Takemikazuchi • Furious Takemikazuchi (Greater) • Amaterasu (Male Boss) • Amaterasu (Female Boss)
Event None

Demonic Compendium
By Alignment Law HeraldEntityDeityVileAvianMegamiAmatsuRaptorDivineJakiFlightYomaJiraeMachine
Neutral ReaperHolyBeastFairyElementFiendGenmaWilderSnakeNightAvatar
Chaos FoulBruteHauntDragonFallenFemmeKunitsuLadyDrakeKishinOmegaTyrantGaean
By Family God DeityMegamiEntity
Aerial HeraldDivineFallen
Icon VileAmatsuReaperKunitsuLadyKishinOmega
Demon JakiJiraeBruteFemme
Dragon SnakeDragonDrake
Nether YomaFairyGenmaNightTyrant
Bird AvianRaptorFlight
Beast HolyBeastWilderAvatar
Scourge Haunt
Pagan Foul
Prime Element
Human FiendGaean
Device Machine

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