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How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-25 Shiisa 13 84 61%
26-41 Unicorn 21 220 49%
42-47 Apis 24 288 44%
48-53 Bai Ze 27 364 40%
54-61 Pa Bil Sag 31 480 34%
62-71 Senri 36 648 26%
72-81 Kirin 41 840 19%
82+ Sleipnir 62 1922 7%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Down Down Down Up
Race Combinations in Dyad Fusion
Destroyer+Godly Beast Heavenly God+Beast Heavenly God+Dragon Avian+Godly Beast
Beast+Demigod Beast+Guardian Beast+Divine Beast+Goddess
Beast+Nocturnus Demigod+Dragon Demigod+Nocturnus Demigod+Raptor
Guardian+Godly Beast Dragon+Seraphim Fairy+Seraphim Godly Beast + Nocturnus

General Information

Holy Beasts are very versatile demons, with a balanced hit point and magic point rate, high close-range damage and are equally strong in Support and Destruction magic. However, because of this it is hard for them to focus on one status; however, this grants them a jack-of-all status. Due to their nature, it's easy for a holy beast to inherit healing and support magics. Perhaps most notable is their elemental resistances: most Holy Beasts are resistant to numerous affinities, and complete immunities are also common amongst them. This allows them to be rather respectable tanks despite their often average HP.

Demon shiisa icon.png Shiisa

Main article: Shiisa

A legendary creature said to repel disasters and misfortune and bring good luck to villages. Shiisa resemble a cross between a lion and a dog. They are revered as guardian deities in Okinawa. Their form is thought to be derived from the lions of the ancient Orient.

Shiisa are holy beasts that possess the power to repel demons and exorcise evil spirits that cause fires. Shiisa statues can be found in a variety of places, such as on the roofs of houses and outside temples. The statues are placed so that they face northeast (toward the Demon gate), south (to guard against fire), or the direction of a gate or cross-street.

Demon unicorn icon.png Unicorn

Main article: Unicorn

A unicorn is a mythological creature. Though the modern popular image of the unicorn is sometimes that of a horse differing only in the horn on its forehead, the traditional unicorn also has a billy-goat beard, a lion's tail, and cloven hooves?these distinguish it from a horse.

Demon apis icon.png Apis

Main article: Apis

The holy beast of Ptah, the creator god of Egyptian mythology, seen as an incarnation or agent of Ptah. Apis takes the form of a cow with 29 distinct features on its body.

It is said that there can only be one Apis in the world at any given time. When a new Apis is found, the previous Apis is drowned in the Nile. When the Apis reaches its natural lifespan and dies, it is mummified and given a solemn burial. After Death, the Apis is said to be reincarnated as Osiris.

Demon baize icon.png Bai Ze

Main article: Bai Ze

They are called Bai Ze also known as Hakutaku in Japan. Bai Ze are intelligent and can understand human speech. They have been revered since ancient times as holy beast who ward off evil spirits. They come in many forms, but are most often depicted with human heads and ox-like bodies, magnificent beards, three eyes in their heads and six in their bodies, and two horns on their heads and four on their bodies. They are also sometimes portrayed with the face of a tiger and the body of a lion.

The Yellow Emperor encountered him on his travels around China, and described the appearance and features of 11,520 different types. His retainers wrote down these stories in a compendium called the "Baizetu." which immediately spread throughout China.

Demon pabilsag icon.png Pa Bil Sag

Main article: Pa Bil Sag

A half-man, half-beast monster from Mesopotamian mythology. He is also called Ninurta and revered as a god of war.

Pa Bil Sag is both highly intelligent and tremendously strong. He resembles a cross between a man and a scorpion in appearance, and is said to guard the gate between the human world and the demon world.

When the hero Gilgamesh descended into the demon world in search of immortality, he came to this gate guarded by Pa Bil Sag. Pa Bil Sag aimed his bow at Gilgamesh, and was such a terrible sight to behold that even Gilgamesh, slayer of countless monsters, recoiled in fear.

Later, when Marduk achieved godhood and started a war, Pa Bil Sag fought alongside Tiamat, the goddess who gave birth to the gods, but was defeated.

Pa Bil Sag is thought to be the model for the half-man, half-horse centaurs of Greek mythology, and for the modern constellation Sagittarius.

Demon senri icon.png Senri

Main article: Senri

The element of a fox that has lived to an extraordinary age. They wield tremendous supernatural powers and can change into beautiful women to seduce men and drink their life essence. They are identifiable with the Yosei, fairies of East Asian lore.

Fox elements come in two types, Yako (wild) and Zenko (virtuous). Zenko are associated with the shrine of the fox god Inari and are not considered monsters, Yako, also called Youko, are harmful to humans. These two types are said to get along very poorly. Senri are categorized as Zenko, and are the highest-ranking of all Zenko.

The most famous of Youko is the "Nine-Tailed Fox." However, as they rise in rank, their tails decrease and the highest of all, Kuuko, has no tail at all.

Demon kirin icon.png Kirin

Main article: Kirin

A legendary beast of Chinese folklore, revered as a sacred creature. Almost never appearing to humans, the word "Kirin" has become synonymous with "mythical creature" in China.

It resembles a deer in appearance and stands three to five meters tall. Male Kirin have horns which only sprout from their heads when they are angry and crackle with lightning. They are thus sometimes viewed as sacred creatures of thunder. Kirin rarely become angry, but will strike down any who threaten or cause harm to nature and living things with bolts of purifying lightning.

According to the Chinese Classic or Rites, the Feng Huang (Phoenix(, the Turtle, the Dragon, and the Kirin are tigether reffered to as the "Four Symbols." This is why children who show exceptional talent at a young age are called "Kirin children."

The Kirin is sometimes counted among the Nine Children of the Dragon.

Demon chimera icon.png Chimera

Main article: Chimera

Demon sleipnir icon.png Sleipnir

Main article: Sleipnir

The steed of Odin in Norse mythology. He has eight legs and can fly through the sky as well as travel underwater. He was also not infrequently depicted as a centaur. His name means "gliding smoothly."

Long ago, the gods promised the giants that if the giants could rebuild the walls of the god's fortress of Asgard within an agreed-upon time, the giants would receive the goddess Freya. The giants used the magical horse Svadilfari to complete their task on time. Loki changed himself into a mare and seduced Svadilfari. Thus was Sleipnir born.

Demon baihu icon.png Bai Hu

Main article: Bai Hu

The White Tiger (Bai Hu) is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. It is sometimes called the White Tiger of the West (????, X? F?ng Bai H?), and is known as Byakko in Japan, Baekho in Korea and B?ch H? in Vietnam. It represents the west and the autumn season.

Holy Beast
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