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How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-15 Cockatrice 8 32 68%
16-33 Tarasque 17 144 55%
- Bai Suzhen 23 ? ?%
34-85 Basilisk 43 924 17%
86-101 Typhon 51 1300 14%
102+ Nidhoggr 57 1624 5%
Special Fusion Kingu 64 2048 10%
Special Fusion Fafnir 72 ? 32%
Special Fusion Vasuki 81 ? 1%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Down Down Down Down
Race Combinations in Dyad Fusion
Vile+Wild Bird Vile+Raptor Vile+Godly Beast Wild Bird+Tyrant
Raptor+Reaper Raptor+Destroyer Evil Demon+Dragon King Evil Demon+Fallen Angel
Reaper+Dragon King Reaper+Dragon Dragon King+Destroyer Dragon King+Tyrant
Godly Beast+Brute Holy Beast+Tyrant Beast+Destroyer Destroyer+Dragon
Guardian+Foul Tyrant+Dragon

buxzKdR.png Cockatrice

Main article: Cockatrice

A monster born from a rooster's egg (or a hen's egg sired by a toad)) that is incubated by a snake. It resembles a cross between a chicken and a snake. The Cockatrice is closely related to the Basilisk, and the two are sometimes seen as male and female version of the same creature. Its breath is poison, and those who see or touch it are turned to stone.

The Cockatrice's chicken-like appearance is thought to be a later derivation from word "cock" (rooster) in its name.

8QONVMA.png Tarasque

Main article: Tarasque

A dragon said to dwell in the Rhone River of central France. It is the child of the sea creature Leviathan and the monster Onachus. The Tarasque has the head of a lion and a sharp, pointed tail. It has a turtle-like shell covered with countless thorns on its back, and it breathes poison gas and leaves flaming droppings in its wake. It has a ferocious nature and will catch and eat human children and young women.

While on a journey to preach the Gospel, The Christian saint Martha visited the village or Nerluc, where the Tarasque lived. When the beast attacked her, she did not waver, but Held out her crucifix and sprinkled holy water on it, and the Tarasque became docile. Drawn by this amazing sight, the villagers gathered and attacked the beast en masse and drove it away.

The place where the Tarasque was defeated was named Tarascon. There, people celebrate the Tarasque Festival each year on the last Saturday in June. A woman dressed as Saint Martha and a float shaped like the Tarasque parade through town, commemorating the legendary event.

YxAvwXQ.png Bai Suzhen

Main article: Bai Suzhen

KiFJQl0.png Basilisk

Main article: Basilisk

In European bestiaries and legends, a basilisk is a legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance.

oqCl2Li.png Typhon

Main article: Typhon

Typhon was the last son of Gaia, fathered by Tartarus and is the deadliest monster in Greek mythology. When Zeus imprisoned the Titans, it caused pain to Gaia (Tartarus was her bowels). So Gaia sent Typhon to destroy Zeus as an act of revenge. Typhon was depicted as having having a human upper half and a bottom half covered in snake coils. Its body is covered in wings and fire.

1Bz8oon.png Nidhoggr

Main article: Nidhoggr

A dragon of Norse mythology, sometimes described as a snake. Its name means "one who burns with rage." it is usually depicted as a all-black dragon with huge wings.

Nidhoggr lives with many other serpents in the spring of Hvergelmir, in Niflheim. It continually gnaws at the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil, tipping the balance of the world toward darkness.

Nidhoggr is the bitter rival of Hraesvelgr, the great eagle who lives at the top of the tree. The squirrel Ratatosk acts as a go-between in their never-ending quarrel. Ratatosk takes the messages they send to each other and exaggerates them, twisting their words into cruel taunts. It enjoys egging them on so much that they two will never be friends.

At Ragnarok, the end of the world, Nidhoggr and Hraesvelgr are fated to eat every one of the souls that die.

R3eo1aO.png Kingu

Main article: Kingu


Main article: Fafnir

4gNBT02.png Vasuki

Main article: Vasuki

Evil Dragon
Demons Cockatrice • Tarasque • Bai Suzhen • Basilisk • Typhon • Nidhoggr • Kingu • Fafnir • Vasuki
Variations Inexperienced Cockatrice • Accomplished Cockatrice • Nimble Nidhoggr • Inexperienced Vasuki
Limited Inexperienced Typhon
Enemy Deformed Tarasque • Invading Tarasque • Nightmare Tarasque • Ruler of Shinjuku Tarasque • Denizen of the Dark Basilisk • Denizen of the Dark Nidhoggr • Invading Nidhoggr • Trampling Soul Vandal Nidhoggr • Superior Demon Nidhoggr • Destiny Invitee Kingu • Judgement Day Caller Vasuki • Superior Demon Vasuki • Joyful Bachelor Vasuki
Event None

Demonic Compendium
By Alignment Law HeraldEntityDeityVileAvianMegamiAmatsuRaptorDivineJakiFlightYomaJiraeMachine
Neutral ReaperHolyBeastFairyElementFiendGenmaWilderSnakeNightAvatar
Chaos FoulBruteHauntDragonFallenFemmeKunitsuLadyDrakeKishinOmegaTyrantGaean
By Family God DeityMegamiEntity
Aerial HeraldDivineFallen
Icon VileAmatsuReaperKunitsuLadyKishinOmega
Demon JakiJiraeBruteFemme
Dragon SnakeDragonDrake
Nether YomaFairyGenmaNightTyrant
Bird AvianRaptorFlight
Beast HolyBeastWilderAvatar
Scourge Haunt
Pagan Foul
Prime Element
Human FiendGaean
Device Machine

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