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How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-43 Makami 22 242 37%
44-61 Kaichi 31 480 24%
62-87 Nandi 44 968 4%
88+ Narasimha 61 1860 19%
Special Double Fusion Sphinx 66 ? 29%
Triple Fusion Xuan Wu 71 ? 9%
Special Double Fusion Anubis 74 ? 3%
Triple Fusion Barong 85 ? 16%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Down Down Down Down
Race Combinations in Dyad Fusion
Goddess+Holy Beast Goddess+Dragon Heavenly God+Holy Beast Heavenly God+Brute
Yoma+Dragon Seraphim+Holy Beast Avian+Dragon Demon God+Beast
Demigod+Holy Beast Demigod+Evil Dragon Beast+Holy Beast Holy Beast+Earth Mother
Wilder+Nation Ruler Guardian+Demigod

qQXVQkX.png Makami

Main article: Makami

A divine beast in Japanese mythology. They are often used to ward of evil, especially thefts and fires. But, there is also a belief that it eats people. Wolves can become Makami.

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lt3VLri.png Kaichi

Main article: Kaichi

Kaichi is the Japanese name for a mythological goat-like creature of Ancient China, the Xiezhi, that strikes evil fiends using its powerful horn.

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KEKwh4h.png Nandi

Main article: Nandi

A sacred cow that serves as the mount of the god Shiva in Hindu tradition. Its name means "fortunate one," and it symbolizes fertility and the harvest. Its body is the color of milk and it carries Shiva and his wife Parvati on its back. Shiva is also known as the god of dance, and when he dances, Nandi plays the music.

Nandi is enshrined alongside Shiva in many temples in India. Its statue is always set facing Shiva's so that it is ready to serve its master at a moment's notice.

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Demon narasimha icon.png Narasimha

Main article: Narasimha

Narasimha is the avatar of Vishnu, a deity in Hinduism. The story goes that Vishnu had killed the Asura Hiranyaksha. Hiranyaksha's brother Hiranyakashipu was angered by this, and vowed to kill Vishnu. To do so he must gain immense mystical powers, which he believed will be given by Brahma if he underwent many years of penance. Brahma was pleased with Hiranyakashipu's efforts and granted him a boon, in which he asked for protection from death by human, deity or animal in any space by any weapon in any time. With the boon he attempted to kill Vishnu, but Vishnu took upon the avatar of Narasimha - part deity, part animal - and managed to slay Hiranyakashipu.

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MTveS6O.png Sphinx

Main article: Sphinx
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Demon xuanwu icon.png Xuan Wu

Main article: Xuan Wu
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i2KAahH.png Anubis

Main article: Anubis
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3Nj20KI.png Barong

Main article: Barong

Godly Beast
Demons Makami • Kaichi • Nandi • Narasimha • Sphinx • Xuan Wu • Anubis • Barong
Variations Inexperienced Makami • Deformed Makami
Limited Inexperienced Kaichi • Deformed Kaichi • Inexperienced Xuan Wu
Enemy God-carrying Cowgod Nandi • God-carrying Cowgod Nandi (DS)‎ • Lion-masked God Nrisinha • Lion Masked Incarnation of God Narasimha • Mythical Beast of Black Mist Xuan Wu • Frenzied Holy Beast Xuan Wu • Mad Holy Beast Xuan Wu • Beast That Endlessly Fights Barong • Malice gathered in the Abyss Sphinx • Malice gathered in the Abyss Anubis
Event None

Demonic Compendium
By Alignment Law HeraldEntityDeityVileAvianMegamiAmatsuRaptorDivineJakiFlightYomaJiraeMachine
Neutral ReaperHolyBeastFairyElementFiendGenmaWilderSnakeNightAvatar
Chaos FoulBruteHauntDragonFallenFemmeKunitsuLadyDrakeKishinOmegaTyrantGaean
By Family God DeityMegamiEntity
Aerial HeraldDivineFallen
Icon VileAmatsuReaperKunitsuLadyKishinOmega
Demon JakiJiraeBruteFemme
Dragon SnakeDragonDrake
Nether YomaFairyGenmaNightTyrant
Bird AvianRaptorFlight
Beast HolyBeastWilderAvatar
Scourge Haunt
Pagan Foul
Prime Element
Human FiendGaean
Device Machine

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