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Imps of fire that appear in English legends.

Jack-o'-Lantern (Pyro Jack) is a soul who lived a decadent life and was refused entry into the afterlife. Taking pity on him, a demon placed a small bit of hellfire in a lantern made from a turnip to provide light for him as he wanders through the darkness. In the world of the living, he sometimes serves as a guide for travelers. Jack-o'-Lantern (Pyro Jack) is good friends with Jack Frost. Some Demon Busters claim to have seen them team up as Demon Buster-busting duo Lantern Frost.

Today, Jack-o'-Lantern (Pyro Jack) is known as the pumpkin ghost of Halloween. It is believed that this change from turnip to pumpkin came about when the custom of Halloween first came to the United States, because Americans found that pumpkins were brighter and easier to carve than turnips.

Demon Statistics
pyrojack.jpg Name
Pyro Jack
Species Magica Race Fairy
Inheritance Fire Growth Small Peorth
Level 20 Force Slot 5
HP 148 Close Range 31
MP 93 Long Range 34
Strength 11 Spell 40
Magic 30 Support 30
Vitality 12 Phy. Defense 12
Intelligence 23 Mgc. Defense 13
Speed 14 Critical 10
Luck 19 Crt. Defense 18
Appearance Nakano (21,18) between 17:00 and 5:00
Variations Accomplished, Dashing, Deformed, Inexperienced, Inferno, Naughty, Hospitable
Drops Aquamarine, DCM: Pyro Jack, 27 Drill Bit: Green, Drill Bit: Red, Jack in the Box, Magnetite, Pyro Jack Card
DCM Location Drop: Pyro Jack, Inexperienced Pyro Jack, Embodiment of Balance Pyro Jack
Base Stat Estimation (Linked)
HP 109 Close Range 31
MP 72 Long Range 33
Strength 15 Spell 38
Magic 30 Support 28
Vitality 16 Phy. Defense 10
Intelligence 24 Mgc. Defense 11
Speed 15 Critical 10
Luck 20 Crt. Defense 18
Physical Resistance Magical Resistance
100% 100%
Slash (SLA) Charge (CHR) Blunt (BLT) Long Rng(LngR) Penetrate (PIR) Spread (SPR)
Fire (FIR) Ice (ICE) Electric (ELC) Force (FRC) Expel (XPL) Death (DTH)
Rpl 100%
Magic (MAG) Nerve (NRV) Mind (MND) Almighty (ALM) Curative (CR) Support (SPT)
Words of Power (WSP) Special (UNQ) Suicide (S.Epl)
Jack Brothers L
A demon with a strong bond with Jack Frost.
When Jack Frost is in the same party: Close-range attack +10 Magic attack +10 MAX HP +50
Fire Boost
A demon with proficient control of flame.
Fire-based skills are 50% more effective.
Flame Eater
A demon that feeds on fire, as it grows.
Will successfully absorb fire-based attacks at 1% for every XP earned level.
Fairy Assist
Fairy who assists crafting in accordance with Intelligence and LCK.
Demon Skills
Lv Demon Skill Lv Demon Skill Lv Demon Skill
Default Agi 21 Tackle 62 Fierce Counter
23 Assault 67 Corona Cannon
26 D.B.B. 74 Samanda
Default Counter 30 Agilao 80 Makajam
35 Paral Eyes 88 Maragidyne
41 Defensive Stance 90 Fire Breath
48 Maragi 95 Hell Fire
Default Gale 56 Agidyne 99 Megidoraon
Breath Wings Slam Fang Maiden Weapon Claw Needle Eyes
Fusion Information
Trifusion No Plugin N/A
Fusion Range 30-39 Success Rate 90%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Up Down Up Down
Family Combinations
Goddess+Dragon King Divine+Dragon King Divine+Wild Bird Wild Bird+Earth Element
Earth Element+Brute Nocturne+Fallen Angel Wilder+Brute
Synthesis Information
Gem Aquamarine Part Weapon
Title Hee HotShot- Synthesis Difficulty 0
Required Tarot Level 1 Required Soul Stone Level 10
Tarot Effect Soul Stone Effect
Fire Affinity +1% Allows the user to temporarily learn the skill "Magic Shot"

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