Act 11: Azura's Special Training

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Act 11: Azura's Special Training
Previous Act Act 10: Azura's Search
Next Act Act 12: Vizionz of the Past


How to Initiate

Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed after completing Act 10: Azura's Search


After Act 10: Azura's Search, Yamamoto the Steel-Willed will send you back to Snakeman to talk to Azura. Snakeman will inform you that Azura is training to become a Demon Buster and give you a VB Card C to talk to her. Use the same terminal you did for your DB tests and talk to Azura. She will tell you that the COMP Snakeman gave her is broken and asks you to take it to him. Talk to Snakeman to find out that it is indeed broken, and he wants you to fix it and will tell you about the intern at the Armor shop, so start there.

After speaking to the intern he will tell you to ask around. First head back to Snakeman and Talk about a job. Next, go over to the Service Entrance, speak to Guard 1, and ask him about repairing a COMP, he will tell you about Yamaguchi a DB behind the Terminal. So talk to Yamaguchi and he will fix it. It is also possible to speak to the Friendly DB in Suginami to fully repair the COMP.

Now take the fixed COMP back to Snakeman, he will give you the card to go into the VB you need to talk to Azura again and give her the fixed COMP. Snakeman will also join you, and after talking to Azura talk to him. He will summon two Fenrir instead of the Kodama he meant to for Azura to kill, she is scared and wants you to do it instead. Once they are dead talk to Snakeman again, and he will send you back to Shinjuku Babel to report to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed for your reward.


  1. Talk to Snakeman to receive VB Card C.
  2. Use VB Card C on the Machine used for DB License Testing.
  3. Talk to Azura inside the machine.
  4. Talk to Snakeman.
  5. Go to the Survival (Armor Store) and talk to the Intern.
  6. Talk to Snakeman and report that the Intern could not fix the COMP.
  7. Go to the Service Entrance
  8. Just before the Service Terminal at the end of the room, talk to Guard (Remember the Guard that gave you Service Entrance Card A?).
  9. Exit the Service Entrance and go to the Terminal in the middle of Home III.
  10. Go behind the Terminal, talk to DB Yamaguchi.
  11. Talk with the Father Figure Guard in front of the VB, then talk to the mushroom-haired Guard south of the terminal, then speak with the Friendly DB.
  12. Report back to Snakeman with the fixed COMP.
    1. Receive 10 Medical Winds and 1 DCM: Lilim from Snakeman.
  13. Go to the DB License Test machine and use the VB Card C given. Talk to Azura when inside.
  14. Talk to Snakeman, standing next to Azura, and go inside the VR Room.
  15. Talk to Azura, defeat the two Hollow Beast Fenrir.
    1. Receive 100,000 XP
  16. Talk to Snakeman.
  17. Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed inside the Central Control Room
    1. Receive 300,000 XP


  • 10 Medical Winds (Upon fixing the S-COMP)
  • 1 DCM: Lilim if you repaired the S-COMP three times.
  • 100,000 XP (Upon Dungeon Completion)
  • 300,000 XP (Act End)
  • 400,000 XP (Total)


  • You can use the same method to have party members assist you, as used in Act 7.
  • If you can't figure out what to do with the broken COMP, ask Snakeman.
  • The three NPCs that can repair the COMP (DB Yamaguchi in Home 3, the Guard in the Service Entrance, the Friendly DB in Suginami) can be spoken to in any order.
  • Unlike the other NPCs, you have to talk to the Father Figure Guard and the mushroom-haired Guard before you can ask the Friendly DB to repair the COMP.
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