Act 12: Vizionz of the Past

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Act 12: Vizionz of the Past
Previous Act Act 11: Azura's Special Training
Next Act Act 13: Envoy for the Messiah/Gaia Church


How to Initiate

Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed after completing Act 11: Azura's Special Training and your current level is 30 or above.


After you talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed, he will give you the DCR Key to get into the Dock Control Room. So head to the Shinjuku Dock for now.

First go to (x12,y25) and click on the door to see a cut-scene. Now you need to go to the reactor room. Entrance is at (x19,y30), just go back to the East and down the stairs.

Now talk to DB Saito for your first card. Note down the color of it for later. Now you just need to get the other colors, five in total.

It shouldn't take you long to get all of the cards. When you have them you need to go to the end of the hallway. The room is full of aggressive Alps and Lilims so be careful and run through to the other side. Fight back when needed but prioritize on getting away.

The Friendly Demon Buster is here to give you a pointer. He tells you black or red card comes after the yellow one. Here are the combinations.

The first card you get from Saito determines your pattern.

  • イエローカード (Yellow Card)
  • レッドカード (Red Card)
  • ブラックカード (Black Card)
  • ホワイトカード (White Card)
  • ブルーカード (Blue Card)

If you get the combinations wrong you will lose the cards you've put in. When you get the combination right you will receive 100,000 XP

Now go back to the Control Room. After the cut-scene talk to the Motionless Innocent to get the Vizonz of the Past. Now report back to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed for your reward.


  1. Talk to Yamamato the Steel-Willed for the DCR Key.
  2. Head to Shinjuku Dock.
  3. Find the control room at (x12,y25)
  4. Head to the reactor room at (x19,y30)
  5. Talk to DB Saito for the first card. This determine your pattern.
  6. Hunt R07A Arcturus until you have acquired the 4 different color cards you will need.
    1. Zionga Stones bought at Protopia works wonder on them.
  7. Head to the reactor controller at (x24,y36) and insert the cards in the correct order.
  8. Head back to the control room.
  9. Talk to the Motionless Innocent and take the Vizionz of the Past.
  10. Report back to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed.


  • 100,000 XP (After completing the cards)
  • 300,000 XP (Act End)
  • 400,000 XP (Total)


  • Yamamoto will simply tell you are not ready yet and will not give you the act when your level is under level 30.
  • Bring a full party or at least a friend. You can't handle them alone at level 30 without proper skill needed.
  • Use your equipment well because Arcturus can do multiple damage attacks at any distance when provoked. It will drain your HP pool real quick.
  • Write down the color you are given, you will need it.
  • Prepare 6 inventory slot free for this Act. You need to collect 5 different cards while holding the DCR Key.
  • You can buy the cards in the bazaars.
  • Much of the unnecessary combat in this Act can be avoided by summoning and riding a demon mount.
lightbulb.png The droid's weakness is electric, so try and bring a demon with electric attacks. If you don't have an electric demon then at the very least your demon needs a range skill. The droid can almost keep you in continuous damage, and if you are melee this means you will never get close. Also, Poltergeist are invulnerable to the Arcturus' attack, so they make great tanks for this.
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