Act 10: Azura's Search

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Act 10: Azura's Search
Previous Act Act 9: Setsu's Anxiety
Next Act Act 11: Azura's Special Training


How to Initiate

Leave the Control Room after completing Act 9: Setsu's Anxiety and talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed.


Yamamoto the Steel-Willed will send you back to Home III to visit Snakeman. Snakeman will tell you that Azura has ran off to the Suginami Tunnels again, and give you the Suginami Tunnels Plate (Kingdom) to go after her. Go to the tunnels and find a party, once you are in the instance you will need to go to all of the rooms and get the 2 ores out of the treasure chests. You need the ores to open the door on the next floor, it is the design with two splits and you usually have to clear both sides, in this case you just need the ores and then go down one side to get there.

Now go kill the boss, for 200,000 bonus XP. After the boss is defeated the Kingdom crystal will appear and clicking on it will prompt you to answer questions for alignment changes.

“Why do you lay your hands on me human?”

  • Option 1: “To protect the treasure of the gods.” (守る) (Law Shift)
  • Option 2: “To take the treasure of the gods.” (手にする)(Chaos Shift)

“Why do you fight your enemies?”

  • Option 1: “To achieve peace.” (平和) (Law Shift)
  • Option 2: “To obtain power.” (力を得る) (Chaos Shift)

“Is the Kingdom you rule based on Law? Or based on Power?”

  • Option 1: Law (法の上) (Heavy Law Shift)
  • Option 2: Power (力の下) (Heavy Chaos Shift)
  • Option 3: Neither (どちらでもない) (No Shift)

Talk to Azura and you will be transported back to Shinjuku Babel to turn in the quest. You will get 500,000 bonus XP from Yamamoto The Steel-Willed.


  1. Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed
  2. Head to Home III
  3. Enter Virtual Battle and talk to Snakeman.
  4. Head to Suginami Tunnels and use the Suginami Tunnels Plate (Kingdom). Remember to form a party beforehand.
  5. Find 2 Glittering Ore. Search around the rooms and defeat the demons. A loot box will appear if you defeat all the demons which contains one Glittering Ore.
  6. Head down if you get 2 Glittering Ore. You will find Azura there. You can choose ignore her.
  7. Head down again and head to the locked door.
  8. Use the 2 Glittering Ore at the locked door.
  9. Head down to the boss room (Cut-scene will be played if you entered the boss room) and defeat Column Dweller Eligor and his loyal groups of Forneus .
  10. Talk to the Kingdom Crystal. Answer the questions it gives you.
  11. Talk to Azura. You will be teleported to Shinjuku Babel.
  12. Head to the Control Room and talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed


  • 200,000 XP (Eligor)
  • 600,000 XP (Act done)
  • 800,000 XP (Total)


  • If you are the plate holder , Talk to Kingdom Crystal then Azura.
  • If you are not the plate holder , Talk to Azura.
  • The listed answers are just the "shorthand" responses listed by; feel free to add the full option if you know it.
  • Upon completion of this act, new gifts are available at Yagigami.
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