Act 9: Setsu's Anxiety

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Act 9: Setsu's Anxiety
Previous Act Act 8: The Obelisk of Form and Power
Next Act Act 10: Azura's Search


How to Initiate

Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed after completing Act 8: The Obelisk of Form and Power


Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed for a cutscene to get a Celu Tower Plate (Inspection). Use this at the tablet in Celu Tower to access the dungeon. There is very little fighting to be done and nearly all the doors are open. If you have something to make you walk faster, you should bring a few.

Explore the dungeon until you meet up with several Demon Buster NPCs standing around. Talk to each of them. On the second floor of the dungeon you'll meet up with DB Mikanagi outside the boss chamber. Talk to him to enter and fight the boss.

All members gain 200,000 bonus XP after the room is cleared. When the boss is dead, talk to Mikanagi to go back to Shinjuku Babel and report to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed for 500,000 XP.


  1. Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed
  2. Run to Celu Tower in Shibuya. Use the plate on it.
  3. See map above to get the info.
  4. Talk to DB Mikanagi on second floor.
  5. Defeat Embodiment of Form Power and Deformed Archangels
  6. Talk to DB Mikanagi to transport back.
  7. Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed
  8. Leave the Control Room to complete the act.

Dungeon info

  • Number of Floors : 2
  • Demons :-
  1. Deformed Archangel.
  2. Deformed Principality.
  • Boss room :-
  1. Embodiment of Form Power.
  2. Deformed Archangel.


  • 200,000 XP (Inspection reward)
  • 500,000 XP (Upon act completion)
  • 700,000 XP (Total)


  • You personally have to talk to each of the NPC's in this dungeon. You will not progress if you do not talk to them.
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