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Unlocking Spiritual Mixing

In order to unlock Spiritual Mixing, You will need to talk to the "Mastery Dwarf" in Shinjuku Babel. Select "Talk about Work," and he will give you a quest, entitled Where Spirits Reside. Complete the quest and Spiritual Mixing will now be an available action when talking to the Mastery Dwarf.


First of all, there are three slots on the Spiritual Mixing screen that you can fill with an article of clothing or a weapon. They are different as their borders are in a different color. Each slot controls a different aspect of the piece of equipment.

You can only mix same gender clothing of the same part of your armor, meaning you cannot put male top stats on a female top, or even male top stats on male pants.

  • For weapons, you can only mix the same type of weapon.
  • For clothing, you can only mix the same type of clothing and gender.
An image depicting which weapon relates to which stat.
BLUE •Looks (Model of the Weapon/Clothing)
•Type of Weapon/Clothing
•Level Requirement
•Set Bonus (if any)
GREEN •Basic Features
•Enchant Info
•Modification Slot
RED •Characteristics

Blue is Durability + Appearance + Set Bonus (if any) + Weapon/Armor Type + Level requirement of weapon A.

Green is Basic Features + Enchant Info + Modification Slot Boxes. If there's a level requirement in this part, it takes precedent over the level requirement of the actual weapon (Blue).

Red is Characteristics. This means any bonuses originally placed in the item description would be placed here (One Example being the +20% Shot Action Boost given by an AVALON-24)

You do NOT need to use 3 different weapons or articles of clothing for Spiritual Infusion. You can double up on two slots.

Each fusion will cost a bit of macca, and have a success rate.


Pricing Formula

The price is determined by the purchase price of the items. For AP items, this is a set value of 100,000 Macca. The actual formula for the cost of spiritual mixing is (Purchase Price x 0.8 ) for each item (According to GKwiki).

Success Rate

F(E) = [(5/3)(Gk+Wk+St)]

F(CE) = [2.5(Ss+Am)]

F(D) = [(Gk+Wk+St)/3] + [(Ss+Am)/2]


F(E) - Expertise Formula

F(CE) - Chain Expertise Formula

F(D) - Demon Formula

Gk - Gun Knowledge

Wk - Weapon Knowledge

St- Survival Tactics

Ss- Sword Smith

Am- Arms Smith

Note: However it can also be noted that Demon = 1.2(Expertise Calc + Chain Expertise Calc) since 0.2 of (5/3) = 1/3 = 0.33 and 0.2 of (5/2) = .5 = 1/2

Success Rate = (F(E) + F(CE) + F(D)) * 1.1{if any AP item is used}
Success Rate(Alternative Equation) = 1.2{if specific demon is summoned} * (F(E) + F(CE)) * 1.1{if any AP item is used}

Test calc: Swordsmith C2, WK C2, Arms Maker C1, GK C1 + ALP

Success = 30 + (5/3) * 3 + 2.5 * 3 + 1 + 1.5 = 35 + 7.5 + 2.5 = 45


If you succeed with the fusion, that means that the weapon or clothing you made has those stats forever (or until it breaks, but that won't happen, will it?). But if you fail, you must re-fuse it with something else before a certain date (Usually 10 or 30 days) or it will be removed from your inventory.

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