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[Technique] A basic Expertise Skill for long-range attack.
Strong against: Attack, Spin, Guard, Counter
Weak against: Dodge
Side-effects: Skill #/up, Damage/up, Incantation time/down

Can be increases up to Class 9


Requirements to unlock: None.

This Expertise affects Magic Bullet by 30%.
This Expertise affects Sharpshooter by 40%.

Note: Any variation of Bullet (Bullets L, Bullets G, Bullets (Fire), etc.) can be used as cost.

B9RqW01.png Range Shot Default Active Weapon-based Shot - 1 Bullet Normal attack using projectile weapon.
hnhsJpu.png Speed UP 1 0-5 Passive Special Curative 1 - Passive skill that increases Speed. (Speed +3)
DwPgIKo.png 13 Snipe 1-0 Switch Special Curative 1 - Sniping. Increases Critical by 40. Decreases CLS-R by 10, and MP regeneration by 1.
stIbSho.png Gun Maniac 2-0 Passive Special Curative 1 - Shooting skill learned through training. Passive skill that raises LNG-R ATK. (Long-Range +3)
hnhsJpu.png Speed UP 2 2-5 Passive Special Curative 1 - Passive skill that increases Speed. (Speed +3)
hnhsJpu.png Speed UP 3 4-5 Passive Special Curative 1 - Passive skill that increases Speed. (Speed +3)
g3r8xdi.png Long-Range Shot 5-0 Active Weapon-based Shot 1 1 Bullet Aim accurately, and hit a distant target.
hnhsJpu.png Speed UP 4 6-5 Passive Special Curative 1 - Passive skill that increases Speed. (Speed +3)
ARiZOjA.png Pierce Shot 7-0 Active Weapon-based Shot 1 1 Bullet Fire a shot that creates a vacuum behind it. All enemies between the user and the target are damaged. (Type Line AoE)
hnhsJpu.png Speed UP 5 8-5 Passive Special Curative 1 - Passive skill that increases Speed. (Speed +3)
SPnYaRa.png Heartbreaker 9-0 Active Weapon-based Shot 1 MP 8, 1 Bullet Aims for your enemy's vitals, momentarily lowering their close-range defense. (DOES NOT LOWER CLS-R DEF)

Check here and here for reference data.

How to Train Expertise

  • Use a cheap gun you can purchase from the NPC or Full Metal Shooter to raise Expertise.
  • Ideal training area with quick spawn locations are:
    1. Slime, Gaki, or Will O'Wisp in the Virtual Battle.
    2. Lost Hua Po in Suginami. [X15:Y21] or [X16:Y19].
    3. Kodama in Nakano. [X14:Y19].
    4. Apsaras in Shinagawa. [X22:Y17] between 6:00 to 18:00.
    5. High Pixie in Home III COMP Hack 1-A. They use AoE (Area of Effect) healing spells to heal each other and if 1 is defeated, another High Pixie will respawn quickly.
      • You'll need 20 ~ 40 Agi and Bufu Stones for the 2nd room if you are alone. The Kodama can be damaged with elemental spells only.
      • The COMP hack is a nice private location without anyone interrupting your training.

Skills Learned by Reward

xfS9iZS.png Boogie Woogie Active Weapon-
Shot 3 MP,
1 Bullet
The bullet rips through in a flash. Inflicts weapon-based damage to the facing enemies. Exchange: 100 Masakadus to Gomory in Shinagawa
Thread of the Forest.png Thread of the Forest Active Penetrate Shot 5% HP  ? Exchange: 200 Masakadus to Gomory in Suginami (See Diaspora page for additional requirements)
C8Nw83L.png Magic Blast Active Magic Shot 5% MP ? Exchange: 100 Masakadus to Gomory in Shinagawa
1O4dLfh.png UB Evil Shot Active Weapon-
Shot 200 Magnetite,
1 Bullet
Create a force field in the area where the bullet hits with the power obtained in Hades. Inflicts weapon-based damage to all enemies in the range. Exchange: 1200 Source of Power to the Bet Counter Girl in the Casino Arena

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