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In-game shop allowing purchase of special items for AC (Atlus Crowns). Items bought using AC will be delivered to your mailbox.

Also provides access to general shop items for macca, though the selection available to purchase at any time depends on the current moon phase. Items bought using macca will be delivered straight to your inventory.


How to locate the COMP shop

Here is a step-by-step way to access the comp shop section of the Comp Shop.


Upon locating this, please go to the icon with the word "shop" above it, clicking this you will be able to access the Shop section of your comp:


Contents Include:

  • Fortune Cards
    • AP Based Lottery

  • A Drug Store:
    • General Supply
      • Macca Items, Change based on Moon Phase
    • Curative Drugs
      • AC Based consumables
    • Enhancing Drugs
      • AC Based consumables
    • Healing Drugs
      • AC Based Consumables
    • Movable Items
      • AC Based consumables & AC Intaglios
    • Useful
      • AC Based Consumables
    • Hacked-Chip Alpha
      • Stacks of AC Hack Chip Alphas
    • Pass
      • AC Item and Demon Depository Passes

  • Rental Item
    • AC Based consumables with infinite uses in a set time period
    • Charm
    • Rental Item
    • Incense
    • Scabbard
    • Napalm


General Supply

The prices shown are estimates of the normal prices. There may be instances when the prices drop or increase. Also, decatalyzers and cabinets are always available regardless of moon phase.

Fullmoon (First Cycle)

7/8 Moon (Wanning)

6/8 Moon (Wanning)

5/8 Moon (Wanning)

Halfmoon (Wanning)

3/8 Moon (Wanning)

2/8 Moon (Wanning)

1/8 Moon (Wanning)

Newmoon (First Cycle)

Newmoon (Second Cycle)

1/8 Moon (Waxing)

2/8 Moon (Waxing)

3/8 Moon (Waxing)

Half Moon (Waxing)

5/8 Moon (Waxing)

6/8 Moon (Waxing)

7/8 Moon (Waxing)

Fullmoon (Second Cycle)

Rental Item

Certain items can be purchased for AC within the rental item section which allows unlimited use for either 3 days or 7 days

Other items found in the COMP shop

Additionally Fortune Cards are found in the COMP Shop
Fortune Cards are promotional and they change often.

Also you can view the possible prizes from clicking on "List".
  • Please note that each try in the fortune cards costs AP


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