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Fortune Cards, found in the COMP Shop on your Menu, allow you to spend MC in a game of chance and fate; you are given a simple choice, the card on the left, or the card on the right? Each different set of fortune cards offer their own list of valuable prizes and cost varying amounts of MC. Fortune Cards will rotate in sets of two or three, and are phased out every Wednesday, with a new set taking the place of the old.
Each card has a theme in which almost all of the potential rewards are based by, be it the items are from a similar set, of a similar function, or just go along with the current event/market.


Japanese Server Fortune Cards


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Fortune Cards 2014

01-21-14 Silent Mobius Silent Mobius Voucher, Silent Mobius Voucher α
01-24-14 Servant Horse Servant Horse
01-25-14 Fallen Avatar - Black Fallen Avatar Ticket (Black)
01-28-14 Arcana VIII (Strength) Arcana Avatar VIII Data Ticket
02-01-14 Silent Mobius Weapons Graviton Rifle
02-04-14 Kuttari Seth Kuttari Seth
02-05-14 Epitaph Parts (Four Elements) Epitaph Parts (Fire), Epitaph Parts (Ice), Epitaph Parts (Electric), Epitaph Parts (Force)
02-08-14 Scrum & Alternate Scrum Scrum/Alternate Scrum DT
02-12-14 Green Young Soul Avatar Young Soul Avatar DT (Green)
02-21-14 Army Avatar Army Avatar DT
02-25-14 Asteroid Taurus Asteroid Taurus
03-04-14 Bouncer Avatar Bouncer Avatar DT
03-05-14 Grudge Radiator Grudge Radiator
03-07-14 Idemu License (Partner) Idemu License (Partner) DT
03-11-14 Epitaph Parts (Affinity Cap) Epitaph Parts (Fire, Ice, Electric, Force, Mystic, Nerve, Mind Cap)
03-14-14 White Detective White Detective DT
03-18-14 DDS Duo (Fire/Ice, Electric/Force) COMP DDS Duo (Fire/Ice), DDS Duo (Electric/Force)
03-25-14 Symbol Symbol DT
04-01-14 Apocalypse Apocalypse DT, Apocalypse Cape DT
04-11-14 Demonic Back Demonic Punisher Back, Demonic Breaker Back
04-15-14 AVEC Symbol AVEC Symbol DT, Symbol Ticket (Destruction: Partner)
04-17-14 Masquerade Masquerade DT
04-22-14 Life Balls Life Ball (Palm Blast), Life Ball (Break Shooter), Life Ball (Insight of the Beast)
04-30-14 AVEC Symbol AVEC Symbol DT, Symbol Ticket (Destruction)
05-03-14 Yashamaru (White), Weapon II Yashamaru DT (White), Helix Weapon DT
05-04-14 Albeniz Albeniz, Demonic Sprinkler
05-05-14 Mr Ghost (Angry) Mr. Ghost (Angry)
05-06-14 Diana, Imperial Silver Fan Diana, Imperial Silver Fan
05-13-14 Peacock Robe Peacock Voucher
05-14-14 Black Frost Plush Black Frost Plush Voucher
05-15-14 Blaze and Lightning weapons Weapon Voucher (Blaze), Weapon Voucher (Lightning)
05-18-14 Heart Earrings Heart Earrings (Pierce), Heart Earrings (Venom)
05-23-14 Arcana XV DT (Arcana Avatar XV)
05-27-14 Ritual Tools Bishop's Peacock Stuff, Onisetsumaru, Mallet of Tocco
05-29-14 Alternate Liberation DT (Alternate Liberation)
05-30-14 Joey Avatar Joey Avatar Ticket, King Glove DT
06-03-14 Student Outfit (Red) Student Outfit (Red) DT, Twinkling Star
06-10-14 Unique COMPs II Summoning Pipe COMP, Summoning Bell COMP, Purple Umbrella COMP
06-13-14 Arcana XII Avatar Arcana XII DT
06-24-14 Grid Suit Grid Suit DT
06-27-14 Spiral Idemu License Spiral Idemu License DT
07-04-14 Demonic Back II Demonic Usher, Demonic Cutter, Demonic Usher Back, Demonic Cutter Back
07-08-14 Fresh College Fresh College DT
07-09-14 Technical Attack Mix Various DTs
07-10-14 Fullness Avatar (Black) Fullness Avatar (Black) DT
07-15-14 Arcana II & V (Reverse) Arcana II & V (Reverse) DT
07-17-14 Different Division Avatar Different Division Avatar
07-18-14 Seventh Avatar (Reverse) Seventh Avatar (Reverse) DT
07-23-14 Phosphorus Avatar Phosphorus Avatar DT

International Server Fortune Cards


Fortune Cards 2012 (ATLUS)

Fortune Cards 2013 (ATLUS)

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