Act 15: The Prisoners

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Act 15: The Prisoners
Previous Act Act 14: Ogami
Next Act Act 16: Spiral Waltz


How to Initiate

Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed after completing Act 14: Ogami


The act begins with you asking for work from Yamamoto, during the cut-scene an explosion occurs, and Yamamoto sends you down to the Shinjuku Dock (B10). Gather a party, and head to the Shinjuku Docks. You will be facing Imp of Chaos Shikigamis, Imp of Chaos Onis and Imp of Chaos Tarakas, as well as some Ultimate Fanatic Assassins. Once you have arrived at level B10, there is a switch in front of you, that is E1. Each side of the level has 4 switches, labeled E or W for east and west, and numbers 1 though 4. The activation order does not matter, however the nearby demons must be killed first before the switches can be activated. Once the switches have been activated, head over to the far east and rescue the trapped DB. Talk to her, watch the brief cutscene, and demons will appear. Fight these off, and activate the switch to exit. Once you have talked to the DB and rescued her, make way towards the West Locked Room, and prepare for another battle. Report back to Yamamoto.


  1. Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed
    1. Received Permit (B10F)
  2. Talk to Elevator Attendant about work. Request entry for B10 floor.
  3. Hit E1-E4 switches.
    1. The door will be unlocked at the East side if all were pressed.
  4. Run and talk to DB Saito
  5. Defeat all the demons that spawn
    1. Exit is sealed. Party member that didn't enter before it happened cannot enter at all until the machine is pressed.
  6. Use the machine.
    1. Exit is opened.
    2. Demons will be resurrected upon hitting the switch.
  7. Find the Innocent and hit W1-W4 switches.
    1. Talking to the Innocent after defeating an area of demon will let you receive a Valuable Card
    2. West door will be opened when you received a message from DB Saito.
  8. Continue west for the boss room.
  9. Defeat Ultimate Fanatic Assassin and her minions of Inexperienced Shiki-Ouji
  10. Return to Shinjuku Babel and talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed.


  • 200,000 XP (Upon killing the boss)
  • 500,000 XP (Act End)
  • 700,000 XP (Total)


  • The Innocents only appears if you:-
  1. Talk to DB Saito
  2. Hit the machine
  3. Kill all of the demons.
  • If you are not confident you can solo it yourself, make a party of five and head down to the dungeon.
    • Split the group into 2 if your teammates is confident he can do it. If you do, you should go East first for DB Saito case.
  • You can ignore the Innocents. Just murder everything you see and hitting all the switches.
  • Inexperienced Shiki-Ouji can be contracted. Using an Aphrodisiac is suggested when contracting it.
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