Act 14: Ogami

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Act 14: Ogami
Previous Act Act 13: Envoy for the Messiah/Gaia Church
Next Act Act 15: The Prisoners


How to Initiate

Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed after completing Act 13: Envoy for the Messiah/Gaia Church


Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed who directs you to speak with Knight Templar Futagami in Shinagawa in order to access Home II. He is located at (22,17) near a small outpost.
Once you talk to Futagami he leads you to the entrance to Home II. Destroy the monsters around the entrance until you have collected three Douman Charm (Broken).

After you have collected the charms, head back to Shinjuku Babel and talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed. He will ask to take the charms from you (he takes two, but you must have three). Agree and you will see a brief cutscene. Head to the Old Ichigaya Camp with a full party and talk to the girl there about a job, once you get the place ask about triangular plates and create the dungeon. Once inside talk to Ogami, then talk to Azura and you will begin.

You have 20 minutes to reach the console. (You have to take down one level filled with demons).

The console (at 16,18) will allow you to deactivate the security and enter the boss room.

Once inside the boss room, the timer will stop and you have to defeat the boss. There will be swarms of Taraka, Oni and Shikigami.

Kill the boss, and receive your reward.

You may now exit and return to Shinjuku Babel and speak with Yamamoto.


  1. Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed
  2. Run to Shinagawa
  3. Talk to Knight Templar Futagami
  4. Fight the Imp of Chaos demons and loot their body for Douman Charm (Broken).
  5. Return to Shinjuku Babel after getting 3 Douman Charm (Broken). (He will only take two, but you need 3 to complete the quest.)
  6. Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed.
    1. Received Video of Tattoo.
  7. Run to Old Ichigaya Camp.
  8. Talk to Entry Guard about work.
    1. Received Old Ichigaya Camp Plate (Ogami) in return for Video of Tattoo
  9. Use it on the machine.
  10. Talk to Ogami.
  11. Talk to Azura.
  12. Escape from the dungeon and hit the switch within 20 minutes
  13. Fight Imp of Chaos Shiki-Ouji and the Imp of Chaos demons.
  14. Escape the dungeon.
  15. Optional:-
    1. Talk to Entry Guard about work.
    2. Received Guard's Treasure
  16. Return to Shinjuku Babel
  17. Talk to Yamamoto the Steel-Willed


  • 200,000 XP (After the dungeon is completed)
  • 400,000 XP (Act End)
  • 600,000 XP (Total)


  • DO NOT FIGHT THE DEMONS AROUND HOME II AREA. They have the tendency to not drop any Douman Charm (Broken) at all after murdering a number of them. They re-spawn very fast and really aggressive.
  • Walk away from Home II area and fight the demon on the road area. They (almost) always drop Douman Charm (Broken).
  • It is highly recommended that you bring a full party with at least an experienced player.
  • If your party members did not done this quest yet, they cannot enter Home II Entrance by talking to Knight Templar Futogami.
  • You can also buy the Douman Charms in bazaar.
  • The timer will only stop if you open the gate.
  • If you did not talk to Entry Guard about work after completing the dungeon and completing the act, you will not receive the Guard's Treasure. What it is used for is still a mystery.
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