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Plasma are the spirits of those lost in the Great Destruction that destroyed Tokyo. Connecting to them will allow you to participate in a minigame.




When you initiate "conversation" with a given Plasma, a bar with a ticker will appear in the center of the screen, along with a timer ranging from 5 to 18 seconds. There is also a small glowing space on the bar, and a button to the left of the bar.

To complete this minigame, you need to stop the ticker in the glowing portion of the bar within the time limit. Depending on the color of the plasma, this could be rather easy, or quite difficult. To stop the ticker, you just need to click on the button attached to the bar. The key to successfully connecting with a given plasma is not pressing the mouse button when the ticker is over the glowing portion of the bar, but rather releasing the mouse button when the ticker is over the glowing portion of the bar. In other words, "stop" can be pressed, and as long as one holds the mouse button down, the ticker will continue to move back and forth until the mouse button is released.

If successful, the plasma will turn into a solid blue orb with a white center. Clicking on this orb will allow you to take the rewards from the minigame, Remains of Tokyo, from the plasma. You can then in turn, either sell them to NPC vendors, or turn the Remains into raw materials with Deconstructors.

Sometimes, you will find a Demonic Compendium Memory, Cards, or other items in some plasma in certain areas. For example, sometimes in White Plasma found in Suginami, you will find Jack Frost cards and Macca, while in Shibuya, you will sometimes find Altered Magnetite amongst your Remains.

If you do not take the Remains from the plasma, they will disappear within two minutes time. Otherwise, they will respawn in a matter of moments.



The types (colours), locations and drops of normal plasmas are listed below. There are also Hyper Plasma which are not listed here.


These plasma appear white/gray/rosy in color, and offer various rewards. They are also the most common, and the easiest to connect to.


Locations and Drops/Remains:


[x16,y19] [x24 y17]



[x18,y22], [x24,y19], [x16,y18]






These plasma appear yellow/green, and are more difficult than white plasma. However, they offer more substantially valuable rewards in most cases.


Locations and Drops/Remains:


[x19,y19], [x19,y21], [x20,y20], [x20,y21], [x20,y17], [x21,y18], [x22,y20]




These plasma appear Blue, and are a bit more difficult than white plasma. However, they offer more substantially valuable rewards in most cases.


Locations and Drops/Remains:


[x20,y19], [x22,y18], [x21,y19]

[x22,y20], [x22,y19]




[x22,y16], [x23,y16], [x24,y16], [x24,y17], [x23,y17], [x20,y19], [x21,y19]

[x18,y20], [x23,y21], [x23,y22]


These Plasmas Appear red colored, and can be found in the following locations.


Locations and Drops/Remains:


[x20:y20], [x20:y18], [x23:y19]


[x18:y25], [x21:y21] (Night), [x21:y16], [x24:y18]


Kuchinawa Cave


  •  ???
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