Remains of Tokyo

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These are items found in plasmas that are spread around Tokyo; these are used for deconstructing components.


The rarity refers to the type of colored orb it's in followed by how likely you are to get the item from that orb.

  • Abundant: High chance this is what you'll get, and lots of it.
  • Common: You'll usually get this, but no more than 5 at a time.
  • Uncommon: You don't always get this.
  • Rare: You're lucky to get this, and it's usually in low numbers.
  • Very Rare: Speaks for itself.

List of items

Plasma: WhiteYellowBlueRed
Remains of Tokyo: Bent Pan LidBroken Desk ChairBroken Mobile PhoneBroken MugBroken RobotBurned CamoflageBurned CurtainsDeteriorated TireDinosaur FossilEmpty CanFaded Comic BookFaded EarringMoldy PillowPlastic BottleRipped Souvenir JacketRusty Manhole CoverScrap WoodTattered Brand BagTwisted PipeUndetonated RoundUnrepairable PCWrinkled T-Shirt
Compounding Material: BronzeIronAluminumSteelSilverGoldMeteoric IronDemonic IronHeavenly IronHihi-IrokanePlatinumTitaniumStainless SteelIthildinDamascus SteelTrapezohedronCottonHempSilkWoolDownLeatherGatorskinSnakeskinTigerskinDivinity FeatherTyrant Body HairDragon King ScaleHoly Beast ManeDragon Lord FangHoly Beast ManeAvian Spirit FeatherCedarOakCypressHoly WoodDemon WoodWhetstoneOilGun PowderPlasticTree SapCircuitryLeg OrbSpirit OrbWaxGlassRubberDark OrbReinforced FiberDark LiquidStrengthening AgentSoft Stone

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