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--Puraido (talk) 16:13, 17 March 2014 (EDT)Nightmare Ride Show

Moh Shuvuu gives you an egg which gives you a bonus for one round. To activate this you need to click on the star after you began the round and select one of the following options. These are:

Oni - Limit break chance.

Cu Chulainn - + 100% boost damage to ice, fire, force and electric skills

Yoshitsune - Allows an additional +1 stack to one skill.

Kresnik - Boost to physical defence.

Milk drops:

Suginami Quartz Bronze - 4 Milks Suginami Tunnels (Silver) - 8 Milks

To activate the runs you need to speak to Nyx. The following amounts of milk determine the difficulty of the rounds.

2 - Easy The failed round gives 5 coins, the completed round gives 20.

4 - Normal / Medium The completed round gives 40 coins.

8 - Hard Difficulty The completed round gives 80 coins.

The gems the boxes give are Aquamarines, Emeralds, Rubies and Topazes. The amount varies according to difficulty.

Normal runs give 17 or below gems.

Hard runs give 37 or below gems.

From the Oni Shop you can buy various items and skills.

Vivian PG - 120 Coins

Tam Lin - 120 Coins.

Summon PG Right Hand Demon - 240 Coins. The PG contains Karasu-Tengu, Rakshasa and Narasimha.

The weapon is 1200 coins.

The extra is 2400 coins.

The skills:

Buddha Palm - 1400 coins

Journey To Eternal Sleep - 1400 coins

Thunderous Shout - 2800 coins.

Close-Range Booster - 2800 coins

--- Puraido ---

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