Quest: One who Thirsts

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Level Requirement • Lv. 60+
Alignment -
NPC • DB Bacchus the Drunk
Location • Home III (Beginner's Area) [X20:Y23]
Repeatable - No


  • Talk with Bacchu about power.
  • He will give you a quest.
  • Bring him one Upper Beer.
  • He will then give you SHPG Authorization Card EV-UB
  • You must now go to the STEVEN machine, use the card and enter the area.
    • Cannot be done if STEVEN is still on cooldown, either reset the cooldown with 3 Hack Chip 666 or wait for the cooldown to finish
    • Solo only
  • You will be thrown into a modified version of STEVEN floors 55 and 56
  • Once the program starts you will have 10 minutes to clear Floor 55, and 14 minutes to clear 56.
  • You must keep fighting and killing all mobs until you have defeated 10 PROTECT Wall UB-A13 (Pazuzu) on Floor 55.
  • On Floor 56 you must keep fighting and killing all mobs until One Who Thirsts Baphomet spawns, and defeat it.
  • Upon successful completion of Floor 56 a reward box will spawn
  • Report back to DB Bacchus
  • He will now ask you to take a quiz given to you by the Mada right next to him.
  • The Mada will then ask you a question, if you answer correctly, he'll give you a Sand of Logic, otherwise, an Ointment.
  • Report back to DB Bacchu to finish the quest.


  • Access to Ultimate Battle
  • 1 Sapphire
  • 1 Sand of Logic
    • Another one obtained if you answer Mada's quiz correctly.
  • 1 Electronic Part
  • 1 Ointment
    • Only if you answer Mada's quiz incorrectly


  • If you fail the run, it will cost you 40 Upper Beer to get the EV-UB card again.
  • All demons within the run only take 60% damage from almighty skills.
  • It is recommended you do the run either freshly leveled or with a powerful, preferably almighty demons, as many demons of varying affinities and resistances will spawn, and will be difficult.
  • The answer to Mada's question is 36
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