Quest: Brass Tears

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Requirement • C DB License
NPC • Gaian Priest:Lu Shu (ガイア僧 蘆束)
Location Ueno Mirage [X23:Y21]
Repeatable Yes (5 times a day, resets at 4:00 AM Tokyo time)


  • Talk to Gaian Priest: Lu Shu, select the second option to accept the quest.
  • He will ask you to clear the little circular rooms with red-dyed water from the flies spawning in either Bronze, Silver or Gold version of Ueno Mirage.
    • Bronze has a total of 3 "Fly rooms", Silver has 4 and Gold has 6.
    • Killing the flies might spawn some Fallen Angels, killing them will sometimes drop a golden jar and leave you and your demon with a debuff. You can get rid of the debuff by clicking the pillar once it's lit by a blue flame. You may also add the jar if you have one, that will spawn one Fallen Angel in the boss room.
  • Once cleared, look for a red plasma in the boss room and click it, then report back to the Gaian Priest for some rewards depending on how many fly rooms you cleared.


The rewards are raffled and differ depending on each day of the week.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Runestones (small, medium or large) Protect/Change/Life Victory Secrets Life Change Protection Victory/Secrets/Life
Zodiac Soul Stones Soul Stone: The Bull Soul Stone: The Water Bearer Soul Stone: The Fish Soul Stone: The Scorpion Soul Stone: The Virgin
Sacred Relics Bird's Spittle/Ten Commandments Tablets Cat's Footfall Oracle Mirror Cat's Footfall Bird's Spittle Ten Commandments Tablets Oracle Mirror/Cat's Footfall
Others Summon PG: Ishtar of Fantasy Summon PG: Ishtar of Fantasy
ALL DAYS Estoma Stone, Cracked Peridot, Cracked Turquoise, Nishikai Shards

Side Notes

  • If in a party, make sure all of the members have the quest or the flies will not spawn.
  • Make sure you consider Tokyo's current time when after specific rewards, as it is based on it.
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