Quest: A Superficial Contract

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Quest NPC

Guard (Mushroom hairstyle) , Home III , (20-21)


  1. Talk to the Guard at Home III.
  2. Head to Home III Camp Ground.
  3. Go to the building beside DB Harumi. There is a half open shutter. (19-17)
  4. Go in and use the elevator on your right hand side.
  5. Talk to DB Oki and give him 100 magnetite.
  6. Return to the Guard at Home III.
  7. Go to Cathedral of Shadows and talk to the Master about DB Oki.
  8. Return to DB Oki at Home 3 Camp Ground.
  9. Refuse to give Magnetite twice.
  10. Cut-scene
  11. Follow DB Oki through the elevator to begin battle.
  12. Defeat a Deformed Gaki
  13. Return to the Guard at Home III.



  • The half-open shutter will be inaccessible after defeating Deformed Gaki.
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