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It is a weekly system where all players from the server participates choosing a demon to "protect" and meanwhile "attack" his rivals.

Location: Gomory at Shinjuku: X 20, Y 21

Participation conditions: Lv 75 or higher and DB license class A.


Way to participate:

Speak to Gomory in Shinjuku Field and choose a demon to help at this week.

After set the weekly contract, move to the exclusive area "Tenjika's field".

Each pillar color is a different demon rival area.

Battle starts after the countdown time, then you have 10 minutes of battle.

When the battle finishes you get a amount of "Bethel".

Killing enough enemies will spawn the area boss.

Killing the boss grants a large bonus of bethel.

Killing the boss also removes most of the enemy resistances.

You can earn experience normally.

There is no dropping of Macca or Magnetite.


Points that you can earn by participating in Pentalpha.

Each weekly demon you helping has a different color of Bethel.

Acquisition of Bethel will increase according to the number of enemies killed in time.

Collected Bethel can exchange with various items at your weekly demon choice NPC and Gomory NPC.

Bethel Shop:

  • Demon Force loop item: 120 Bethel
  • Ymir hair: 1000 Bethel
  • Demon Force loop item x10: 1100 Bethel
  • Dirty of Ymir: 1500 Bethel
  • Summon PG of the weekly demon: 25000 Bethel
  • Demon Force Item: 30000 Bethel
  • Demon tarots: 45000 Bethel
  • DCM of the weekly demon: 60000 Bethel
  • Epitaph Part: 90000 Bethel
  • Epitaph Heart: 90000 Bethel
  • Plugin of the weekly demon: 150000 Bethel


It is a point separately from Bethel points which can be earned depending on the degree of contribution in the weekly war.

Collected Cowrie can exchange with various benefits by handing it to Gomory.

At the original server Cowrie was paid always at Mondays noon at 11:36 , and your weekly demon contract was finished, so you have to make another contract after that.

Cowrie Shop:

  • Status point + 2: 300 Cowrie
  • Random Soul Stone: 600 Cowrie
  • Essence of yetzirah: 800 Cowrie
  • Ymir Blood: 800 Cowrie and 25000 of each Bethel
  • Plugin Trickster Loki: 1000 Cowrie and 20000 of each Bethel
  • Plugin Asura Cerberus: 1000 Cowrie and 30000 of each Bethel
  • Summon PG Trickster Loki: 1000 Cowrie
  • Summon PG Asura Cerberus: 1200 Cowrie
  • Shinjuku Map: 30 Cowrie

Weekly Demons and Mobs resistances:

  • Blue / Indra: Enemies can nullifies charge, blunt, handgun, fire, electric, shock and mystic affinities randomly
  • Purple / Mishaguji: Enemies can nullifies charge, blunt, penetrate, electric, force and nerve affinities randomly
  • Green / Kresnik: Enemies can nullifies slash, blunt, spread, ice, force and mind affinities randomly
  • Yellow / Indrajit: Enemies can nullifies slash, charge, handgun, fire, electric and nerve affinities randomly
  • Red / Kudlak: Enemies can nullifies slash, charge, penetrate, ice, force and mystic affinities randomly
  • All affinities that can not be nullified, are absorbed. Including almighty and suicide affinities.
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