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Moon Phases are a measurement of how much light you can see on the moon. The progression moves by 1/8ths per 12 hours in-game time. If New Moon has just occurred (0/8), it will move forward to Half Moon (4/8) and then to Full Moon (8/8). It will then move towards Half Moon and back to New Moon. The completion of this entire cycle (From 0/8 to 8/8 and then back to 0/0) is a full moon phase cycle.

The moon phase cycle itself is important because some demons only spawn during certain phases. Additionally, the Full Moon phase affects Synthesis, making success rates 1.2 times higher than usual. Some gears like Simone Laplace Beta for example may require certain moon-phase to activate their effect.


A useful tool to use to calculate the moon phases can be found here.

Another stand-alone calculator for those that can't run the above script can be found here.

A basic guide on what the Moon Phases affect and how to read the Moon Phases can be found here

Technical details


  • 2 seconds real time = 1 minute game time progression
  • 2 minutes real time = 1 hour game time progression
  • 24 minutes real time = 12 hour game time progression = 1st moon phase progression
  • 48 minutes real time = 1 day game time progression = 2nd moon phase progression
  • 3 hours and 12 minutes real time = progression from New Moon to Full moon or vice versa
  • 6 hours and 24 minutes real time = one full cycle of the moon phases in game
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