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Heightens an ally's synchronicity with the atzilutht, thereby making it easier for them to avoid deadly attacks for a short period of time. Can be simultaneously cast up to 4 times.
Type • Active
Affinity • Support
Action Type • Curative
Cost • MP 5
Inheritance • All
Effect • this skill is actually the Magic increasing skill, the skill desc. in game is also messed up, displaying the above as well. works as the Spell Damage increaser, still, and has the correct description on the buff effect description below your character pane.

Learned by:

Already Learned

Lv 10-19

Lv 20-29

Lv 30-39

Lv 40-49

Lv 50-59

Lv 60-69

Lv 70-79

Lv 80-89

Lv 90-99

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