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Places where you are able to buy or sell items you need.

The cities in MegaTen are:


The special places inside the cities


Places you can contract Demons and finish certain missions.

The fields in MegaTen are:


Places where you can enter to gain XP or mission purpose. Note: These are the only areas in game where a player is instanced into an area. This means it is only a temporary place and there can be multiple instances at once.

The dungeons in MegaTen are:


Hacked Chip Virtual Battle

The Hacked Chip Runs in MegaTen are:


A special place for PvP purposes.


In order to get Map data for Shinagawa and Ueno you must speak with the Messian and Gaian Priest in Shinjuku Babel.

Cities: Home IIHome IIIShinjuku BabelProtopiaArcadiaSouhonzanKakyo Castle
Area: Virtual BattleCathedral of ShadowsShinjuku Residential AreaTMG BuildingCathedralFu'un CastleHome III Service EntranceGolden Arc CasinoNakano Campsite
Fields: SuginamiNakanoShinjuku DocksShibuyaShinagawaIchigayaUenoShinjukuIkebukuro???Kuchinawa CaveVirtual BeachZoushigaya CemeteryCathedral (Dungeon)
Dungeons: Suginami TunnelsShibuya QuartzCelu TowerKagurazaka Zhu Que CavernOld Ichigaya CampShinagawa Catacomb of the Templar KnightsOld Tokyo MetroShibuya MetroIzumo IslandNakano Underground RuinsNakano Boundless DomainLimbus HongoShinagawa Ice CaveUeno MirageHome II (Dungeon)End of Days - Ichigaya
Special Dungeons: Judah's Spirit WorldDoukan's Spirit WorldDenshi KairoWILDCATDiasporaSecret RoomValuable ChallengeDistortion FloorDark BabelShinjuku Docks: B11Shinjuku Docks: Deep LevelsMound of MasakadoTMG Building (False)Underworld Battle ColosseumShinjuku Wonder Underground
Hacked Chip: Hacked Chip A RunHacked Chip-Alpha RunHacked Chip-Mu RunCOMP-Hack Dungeon KappaCOMP-Hack Dungeon Yoidore
PvP Area: Fujimi Midgard BattlegroundColosseum
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