Event: Fairy Donation Box

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Date: January 13, 2012 - February 2, 2012
NPC: -
Location: Home III Community Zone, Shinjuku Docks
Repeatable: Yes - Every 30 Minutes (Real Time)

Offer 1 of each Donation A, Donation B and Donation C coin to the "fairy" that lives inside the donation box. In Japanese, this type of donation box is called a saisenbako.
After giving the coin to the donation box, accept the "Challenge roulette" to play "2012 Anniversary Fairy Test Your Luck Paper Fortune Roulette!". Prizes are awarded randomly according to what score you are given.

(Receive nothing) (Teleport to Meichi Jinguu) 10 Gift Melon

3 Ruby 3 Ruby Aphrodisiac (Non-Trade)
- Sand of Logic (Delta) -
- Sand of Logic (Zeta) -
- Sand of Logic (Iota) -
- Sand of Logic (Lembda) -

Meichi Jinguu

  • You will be instantly transported to Shibuya: Meichi Jinguu. You will be in a room similar to Shibuya Metro boss room with MegaTen's old battle background music.
    "Happy MegaTen 3rd Anniversary! Enjoy your visit to Hell!"
  • Fire or Expel-based skills are effective against the boss.

Demons Appearance

Cannot be Contracted
75 Guardian of Hell Tao Wu Wilder 0 - - Summon PG: Exorcism (Fuji)


  • In the original event on the Japanese server, Donation Coins were demon drops, but this wasn't implemented. As an alternative, it was randomly given through the "Free Rewards" feature of Aeria Games' MegaTen Item Mall.
  • A typo appeared on the screen's reward text as "You received 30 Rubies" whenever the Player received Rubies as the prize. It was actually only three.
  • Through this event, Sand of Logic made an appearance before Demon Force was implemented.


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