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Durability is an equipment's life span. Every equipment has a given maximum durability. When an equipment's current durability reaches zero, you will not be able to equip it or experience the stat boosts from it. Repair can be done at most armor shops, weapon shops, and Yagiya vendors. Weapon and armor shops will only repair their respective products (ie: Armor shops only repair Armor). Yagiya will repair either. The cost and success rate per durability point varies depending on the location.

Repair cost is reflected by the magnification factor of the respective shop. If an item is taroted, this factor increases by 1.5x. If an item is soul stoned, this factor increases by 3x. If the item has both a soulstone and tarot, the factor increases by 4.5x. The fact an item is modified does not affect the cost (However, there are modifications to reduce the cost). Items prefaced with Kr: (created through the Sketching expertise) are less costly to repair.

Location Shop NPC Success Rate Mag. Factor
Home III Hakamada's Weapon Shop Hakamada 90% 0.1
Home III SURVIVAL Vanessa 93% 0.2
Home III SURVIVAL Accessory Vendor 82% 0.025
Shinjuku Babel Tanny Weapon Shop Tanny 96% 0.5
Shinjuku Babel Vicious Roku 96% 0.5
Shinjuku Babel Vicious Accessory Vendor 90% 0.1
Arcadia Cannon Weapon Shop Cannon 98% 0.1
Arcadia Boutique Sukarno Sukarno 98% 0.1
Arcadia Boutique Sukarno Accessory Vendor 94% 0.25
Souhonzan Sengoku Weapons Sengoku 98% 0.1
Souhonzan DEMON Deimon 98% 0.1
Souhonzan DEMON Sakamoto 94% 0.25
Protopia Brave Heart Yoko 98% 0.1
Protopia forest Mr. Okajima 98% 0.1
Protopia forest Hatuchan 94% 0.25
Suginami Home III Campground Yagiya 80% 0.0325
Suginami Suginami Tunnels Yagiya 80% 0.03125
Suginami Old Tokyo Metro Yagiya 80% 0.03125
Suginami Home III Campground Yagiya 80% 0.0325
Nakano Beside Ruins Yagiya 85% 0.0425
Shibuya Beside Hachiko Statue Yagiya 90% 0.0625
Shibuya Celu Tower Yagiya 85% 0.0425
Shibuya Shibuya Quartz Yagiya 80% 0.03125
Ichigaya Beside Caverns Yagiya 80% 0.0325
Ichigaya Old Ichigaya Camp Yagiya 78% 0.0225
Ichigaya Kagurazaka Zhu Que Caverns Yagiya 80% 0.03125
Shinagawa Beside Gomory Yagiya 90% 0.15
Shinagawa Catacombs Yagiya 80% 0.03125
Ueno Beside Kuchinawa Yagiya 75% 0.025

If a repair fails, the equipment will lose maximum durability. Repairing in shops will not recover maximum durability, but will recover the difference in durability from its current point to its current maximum. If an equipment reaches a single point of durability, it is possible for a piece of equipment to be completely lost if that durability repair fails.

It is, however, possible to recover max durability by using items such as Repair Tool, Repair Kit, or Repair Tool (Hyper).

In Ikebukuro, after completing Quest: Consonance with the Soul, it is possible to temporarily achieve much higher rates and lower costs while using Kreuz.


Durability decreases in the following circumstances:

  • Failed Tarot Fusion, Soul Stone Fusion, and Modification.
  • When hit by enemies (for armor) and when you hit enemies (for weapon).
  • Mounting will reduce mount ring durability.
  • Certain items made for movement (such as any +50% movement wings) lose durability as you move.
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