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By obtaining a mountable demon, your movement speed will increase and take you to places in less time than you would have walked. While mounted, you can avoid battles.
Mountable, or Nimble demons, are obtainable from DB Okabe in Shinjuku Babel (17,17). He will explain the basics of mounting when you accept the Mount Quest. After completion, you will receive a Nimble Cerberus along with a Leifred Intaglio.
DB Okabe can also train various demons to become Nimble; see the list below.

How to

When you have your Nimble demon with the corresponding Pre/Intaglio Ring, you are ready to mount. To mount, press "X" or PC -> Skills Commands to open up the Skill/ Command List and then press the Mount button.
The Durability of the ring will drop in accordance to movement while mounted. If you are mounted when the Durability reaches 0, you will be forced to dismount and will not be able to mount again until it is repaired.

Mounts Available from DB Okabe

Other/Special Mounts

Mount Rings


  • It is possible to mount in most dungeon instances. This can help you catch up to your party if you're behind.
  • Instead of manually moving your mounted character, you can open up your map and click any accessible area in the map. The mounted character will then move on its own.
  • Some nimble demons (such as those that come from summon PGs like Nimble Alice) are not as easily replaceable as those DB Okabe trains. Be careful and don't fuse away any you want to keep.
  • DB Okabe can turn demon variants into Nimble versions. For example, you can train either an Orthrus or an Inexperienced Orthrus into a Nimble Orthrus.
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