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There are many Demon Card sets that are sough after in Tokyo. Below is a list of card sets and where to turn them in.

The Card Sets

Card Set Name: Cards Needed:
A Midsummer's Night Dream 1 Oberon; 1 Titania
Alder 1 Shiva; 1 Parvati
Best Friends 1 Forneus; 1 Decarabia
Four Spirits of the Soul 1 Kushimitama; 1 Nigimitama; 1 Sakimitama; 1 Aramitama;
Frost Five 1 Strawberry Frost; 1 Melon Frost; 1 Lemon Frost; 1 B Hawaii Frost; 1 Milky Frost
Guardians of the East See the Article
Guardians of the North See the Article
Guardians of the South See the Article
Guardians of the West See the Article
Hell 1 Gozuki; 1 Mezuki; 1 Yama
Incubus Party 1 Incubus; 1 Succubus
Jack Brothers 1 Jack Frost; 1 Pyro Jack
Jack Frost and the Cheerful Demons 1 Jack Frost; 1 King Frost; 1 Black Frost; 1 Strawberry Frost; 1 Melon Frost; 1 Lemon Frost; 1 B Hawaii Frost; 1 Milky Frost
Keepers of the Gates of Hell 1 Gozuki; 1 Mezuki
King Frost 1000 Jack Frost card
Lords of Air 1 Aeros; 1 Sylph; 1 Raphael
Lords of Earth 1 Erthys; 1 Gnome; 1 Uriel
Lords of Fire 1 Flamies; 1 Salamander; 1 Michael
Lords of Water 1 Aquans; 1 Undine; 1 Gabriel
NEW Jack brothers 1 Jack Frost; 1 Pyro Jack; 1 Jack the Ripper
Spirit of Earth 1 Gnome; 1 Uriel
Spirit of Fire 1 Salamander; 1 Michael
Spirit of Water 1 Undine; 1 Gabriel
Spirit of Wind 1 Sylph; 1 Raphael
The Four Elements 1 Flamies; 1 Aquans; 1 Erthys; 1 Aeros
The Four Great Elements 1 Salamander; 1 Undine; 1 Gnome; 1 Sylph
The Four Heavenly Kings 1 Jikokuten; 1 Koumokuten; 1 Zouchouten; 1 Bishamonten
The Four Holy Beasts 1 Qing-Long; 1 Byakko; 1 Zhu Que; 1 Xuan-Wu
The Four Seraphim 1 Michael; 1 Gabriel; 1 Uriel; 1 Raphael
The Mysterious Country 1 Alice; 1 Nebiros; 1 Belial
The Three Harpy Sisters 1 Aello; 1 Ocypete; 1 Celaeno
Yamatano-Orochi 1 Susanoo; 1 Yamatano-Orochi; 1 Kushinada-Hime
Frost Cards: B Hawaii FrostBlack FrostJack FrostKing FrostLemon FrostMelon FrostMilky FrostStrawberry FrostShishimai FrostShining Shishimai FrostSanta FrostShining Santa Frost
Elemental Cards: AerosAquansAramitamaErthysFlamiesGnomeKushimitamaNigimitamaSakimitamaSalamanderSylphUndine
Green Cards: AelloByakkoCelaenoDecarabiaForneusGozukiIncubusMezukiOcypetePyro JackQing-LongSuccubusXuan-WuZhu Que
Red Cards: BelialBishamontenGabrielJikokutenKoumokutenKushinada-HimeMichaelNebirosOberonParvatiRafaelSusanooTitaniaUrielYamatano-OrochiZouchouten
Black Cards: AliceJack the RipperShivaYama
Card Sets: A Midsummer's Night DreamAlderBest FriendsFour Spirits of the SoulFrost FiveGuardians of the EastGuardians of the NorthGuardians of the SouthGuardians of the WestHellIncubus PartyJack BrothersJack Frost and the Cheerful DemonsKeepers of the Gates of HellKing FrostLords of AirLords of EarthLords of FireLords of WaterNEW Jack brothersSpirit of EarthSpirit of FireSpirit of WaterSpirit of WindThe Four ElementsThe Four Great ElementsThe Four Heavenly KingsThe Four Holy BeastsThe Four SeraphimThe Mysterious CountryThe Three Harpy SistersYamatano-Orochi
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