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A dungeon accessible by talking to the Black Frost NPC located in the TMG Building. He allows you to enter two versions of the run, a normal run or a TIGERCAT version of the run. Prizes differ between both runs. The run itself consists of 100 floors, split into increments of 20. Stopping the run at these certain floors will change the boss and endchest loot of the runs.

Black Frost

Once you enter the run, you will find yourself in a small room with a Black Frost.

  • His first option will start the elevator and begin the run
  • His second option is to use a Image of an Infant item, which will grant you the "Faith of the Dark God" buff(Which doubles your Underground Sun gain)
  • His third option is to use a Black Security Card item which will allow you to skip to any of the floor boss floors (20, 40, 60, 80, 100)
  • His fourth option is to turn on/off the Nonstop Mode, which allows the elevator to continuously descend until checkpoint floors (19, 39, 59, 79, 99) at which point one prize box will spawn and you will be given the option to stop at this point, or continue descending.
    • Note: Underground Sun gain is EXACTLY the same in nonstop mode as it is normally, all suns are just condensed into one box at each checkpoint floor.

If at any point you decide you would like to stop the run, talk to the Black Frost again once the run is started and press his first option to end the run.

  • Note: During a checkpoint floor, The first option is to end the run at the current floor and fight the floors boss, the second option will move the elevator to the next set of floors.


Every floor consists of one wave of demons, after each is completed the floor will automatically move onto the next one(If Nonstop is activated) or temporarily stop to allow players to click their boxes before speaking to Black Frost to start the next wave. The waves are made up of pre-determined teams of demons which are spawned at random.

Floors 1~20

These floors consist of Bronze level difficulty enemies.

Floors 21~40

These floors consist of Silver level difficulty enemies.

Floors 41~60

These floors consist of Gold level difficulty enemies.

Floors 61~80

These floors consist of Home II level difficulty enemies.

Floors 81~100

These floors consist of Dark Babel level difficulty enemies.

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