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Japanese ジャンカーマンの
English Junkerman
Location Suginami

Junkerman is a former miner and resides in Suginami (X21,Y23) next to the mines. He relies on demons to excavate junks for him when a human was killed during an accident and construction is held off in the past. He offers two services in the game currently; supplying an item needed to complete Act 4, and taking specific demons with specific skills in exchange for a random reward.

Act 4

The Master of the Cathedral of Shadows needs an Old World Stone in order to construct the plate necessary to open Suginami Tunnels (Grey). He recommend you to Junkerman, someone who regularly encounters objects originating from before the Great Destruction during his excavations. The Junkerman requires a Level 12 or higher demon to send in search of the Old World Stone in question. A demon meeting requirement will have a 70% chance of surviving and bringing back what you need. Demon exceeding the required Level will have 10% better chance of survival for each Level above 12 that they are.
[Note] If the demon fails to return, they are lost forever and you will gain a minor shift to Chaos Alignment. It is recommended to use a common "throwaway" demon for this task, rather than a valuable that you rely on. You can use Cu Sith in Suginami or Erthys from Act 3.

Junkerman's Request

You can accept his requests after completing Act 4. Junkerman requests Knockers and Dwarfs with specific skills, and in exchange you get to keep any object that they bring back. The item brought back depends on the demon and is chosen randomly from a set table for each skill and demon combination. There is no chance of failure; you will always receive something for your trouble.

  • You can pick 1 bullet to find your simple fusion combination.
  • Make sure your demon knows the skill needed. Simply having it in their "Inherited Skill" will not count, they must have it on their "Learned Skill" bar to be accepted.

Knocker (Dia)

3 Pixie Default Apsaras Cait Sith + Lost Hua Po = Apsaras
Default Angel Default Poltergeist Cait Sith + Pixie = Angel

Knocker (Media)

5 Inexperienced Cait Sith Default Garm Lost Hua Po + Pixie creates Garm
Default Aquans Default Sudama Apsaras (8) + Isora (14) = Aquans

Dwarf (99 Needles)

Default Gyuki Default Yakkha
Default Apsaras Default Deformed Troll
Default Kikuri-Hime Default Black Ooze
Default Kikuri-Hime Default Specter
37 Pisaca Default Garm

Dwarf (Rage)

Default Oni Default Forneus
Default Jikokuten Default Shikigami
Default Eligor Default Azumi

Dwarf (Mazionga)

Default Shadow Default Kikuri-Hime Default Aquans Shadow + Kikuri-Hime creates Ubelluris, then Ubelluris + Aquans
Default Shadow Default Kushinada-Hime Default Aquans Shadow + Kushinada-Hime creates Ubelluris, then Ubelluris + Aquans
Shadow+ lvl 1 earth mother (rebirth) works too
40 Pisaca Default Garm

Ubelluris (Satisfaction 1)

Default Onamuchi Default Senri
Default Deformed Troll Default Dis

Titan (Deathbound)

Default Chernobog Default Any level 20+ Brute/Yoma
Default Kali Default Any level 14+ Evil Dragon/Foul


Hihi-irokane Helmet X X
Hihi-irokane Gauntlets X X X X X
Hihi-irokane Armor X X X X X
Hihi-irokane Leg Guard X X X
Hihi-irokane Shoes X X X
Spring Embrace (Low) X
Summer Embrace (Low) X
Autumn Embrace (Low) X
Winter Embrace (Low) X
Wither Embrace (Low) X
DCM: Macha X
DCM: Isora X
DCM: Sudama X X
DCM: Alp X
DCM: Cu Sith X
DCM: Empusa X
DCM: Setanta X X
DCM: Aramitama X
DCM: Andras X
DCM: Nekomata X X
DCM: Nigimitama X
DCM: Naga X
DCM: Kushimitama X
DCM: Forneus X
DCM: Incubus X
DCM: Succubus X X
DCM: Sakimitama X
DCM: Thoth X
DCM: Suparna X
DCM: Raja Naga X
DCM: Onamuchi X
DCM: Ganga X
DCM: Basilisk X
DCM: Ganesha X
DCM: Narasimha X
DCM: Berith X
DCM: Dionysus X
DCM: Parvati X
DCM: Orobas X
DCM: Ose X
DCM: Isis X
Peridot 3
Topaz 3
Jade 3 3 3
Turquoise 3
Garnet 3
Aquamarine 3
Coral 3
Amethyst 3
Opal 3 3 3
Sapphire 3 3
Emerald 3 3
Pearl 3 5
Ruby 3 3
Diamond 5
Broken IC Chip 1 2 3 4
Decayed Scrap Iron (Clump) 1 1 2 2 3
Decayed Scrap Iron (Bullet) 1 1 1 3
Decayed Scrap Iron (Blade) 1 1 2
Valuable Card 1 1 1 1 ? 2 or 3 3

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