Disciple of Sin Gandharva

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cy8dX.png This demon cannot be obtained in any way, as it is enemy only. cy8dX.png
Demon Statistics
gandharva.jpg Name
Disciple of Sin Gandharva
Species Magica Race Fairy
Inheritance Support Growth Big Tiwaz
Alignment Neutral Level 75
HP 4206 Close Range 106
MP 977 Long Range 31
Strength 111 Spell 49
Magic 55 Support 51
Vitality 69 Phy. Defense 19
Intelligence 49 Mgc. Defense 19
Speed 44 Critical 1
Luck 32 Crt. Defense 23
LB Chance 0% LB Damage 100%
Appearance Old Ichigaya Camp (Gold)
Drops 2 Aquamarine, 10 Ruby
XP 10000
Physical Resistance Magical Resistance
100% 100%
Slash (SLA) Thrust (THR) Blunt (BLT) Handgun (HAN) Penetrate (PIR) Spread (SPR)
Null 50%
Fire (FIR) Ice (ICE) Electric (ELC) Force (FRC) Expel (XPL) Death (DTH)
Mystic (MYS) Nerve (NRV) Mind (MND) Almighty (ALM) Curative (CR) Support (SPT)
Words of Power (WSP) Special (UNQ) Suicide (S.Epl)
Rig Veda
Those who are remembered in the ancient record, Rig Veda.
When Demons of the Fiend group, Brahma, is in the same party: Magic+10.
When Vishnu, is in the same party: Speed+10.
When Shiva, is in the party: Strength+10
The Guardians of the East
Four Heavenly Kings: Jikokuten's Household.
When the Guardian, Jikokuten, is in the same party: STR +10.
Divine Musician
Divine musician said to perform at Indrajit Palace.
When wife Apsara is in the same party: STR +10
Destruction Overture
(Null interrupt)
Demon Skills
Erosion Curse Erosion Curse
Resist Curse Null Curse
Reflect Curse Fierce Counter
Gale Randomizer
Enemy Only Skills
Blizzard Cannon Bufudyne
Counter Mach Counter

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Event None

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