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How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-15 Apsaras 8 32 100%
16-27 Isora 14 98 100%
28-45 Dis 23 264 100%
46-55 Kinnari 28 392 78%
56-73 Onkot 37 684 85%
74-87 Jinn 44 968 74%
88+ Ganesha 58 1682 53%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Down Up Up Down
Family Combinations
Divine+Brute Wild Bird+Haunt Earth Element+Beast Earth Element+Fallen Angel
Demigod+Wilder Demigod+Tyrant Nocturne+Haunt Fairy+Dragon King
Fairy+Earth Mother Fairy+Fallen Angel Fairy+Brute Fallen Angel+Haunt

xxbGae8.png Apsaras

Main article: Apsaras

Water elements of Indian mythology. Their name means "those who move in the water."

They appear as young women and use their enchanting beauty to tempt humans in spiritual training and cause their downfall. Apsaras take Gandharvas as their mates, but are also known to marry human males. They are said to carry the souls of those who die in battle to heaven, where Indra, the god of thunder, awaits them.

In the Indian epic "Ramayana." they are called Apsara.

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E0GMluJ.png Isora

Main article: Isora

Also known as Azumi-no-isora. His body is covered in seaweed and oysters and other shellfish, giving him a hideous appearance.

Isora is a god of the sea, enshrined as the patron deity of Sigaumi Shrine. He was worshiped by the seafaring Azumi people.

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AMzB8YW.png Dis

Main article: Dis

The general term for a low-ranking goddess in Norse mythology, a kind of spirit.

The Disir are said to have given birth to Valkyries, warrior maidens, and Norns, goddesses of fate, in response to the desires of humans for bountiful harvests and victory in battle.

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Kinnari icon.png Kinnari

Main article: Kinnari
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x1ZozJZ.png Onkot

Main article: Onkot

A monkey general appearing in Indian mythology. In the Indian epic "Ramayana." he is a member of the Varana tribe of monkeys, and a servant of Hanuman, an incarnation of the wind god Vayu.

In the story, he is depicted as a valiant general who challenges the Rakshasa tribe to battle and takes all of the Rakshasa generals prisoner.

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702bgI7.png Efreet

Main article: Efreet
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slwaSDO.png Jinn

Main article: Jinn

In Islam and pre-Islamic Arabian folklore, a djinn is a supernatural fiery creature which possesses free will. Djinn are mentioned in the Qur'an, wherein a whole Sura is named after them. They can be either good or evil. In some cases, evil genies are said to lead humans astray. In Islam, Satan, known in Arabic as Iblis, is the iconic genie that refused to bow down to Adam when ordered to by Allah.

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eZGAMBO.png Purksi

Main article: Purski
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VYy7rmR.png Ganesha

Main article: Ganesha

A god of wisdom and good luck in Indian mythology. He is the son of the supreme god Shiva and his wife Parvati, the goddess of good luck. He is said to protect against disasters, bestow wisdom, and bring wealth and fortune. For this reason, many Indian restaurants have statues or pictures of Ganesha. In Japan, Ganesha is known as Kankiten or Seiten. He is often depicted with an elephant's head and four arms.

Ganesha was originally a young man created by Parvati from her own filth to guard against Shiva seeing her bathe. But when Shiva returned one day to find his path blocked by Ganesha, he cut the youth's head off, not knowing who he was. Seeing this, Parvati was stricken with grief, and Shiva, in panic, cut off the head of a passing elephant and placed it on Ganesha's shoulders. Ganesha was not happy with this, but came to accept it after being given a variety of powers.

Each god in Indian mythology is said to have his or her own mount to ride, Ganesha's is a mouse.

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Demons Apsaras • Isora • Dis • Kinnari • Onkot • Efreet • Jinn • Purski • Ganesha
Variations Accomplished Isora • Accomplished Dis • Lucky Dis
Limited None
Enemy The Flood caller Apsaras • The Flood caller Isora • The Kappa Bully Isora • Dis En podio • Obsession Enslaved Dis • Nightmare Onkot • Deformed Protector Efreet • Superior Demon Efreet • Deformed Protector Jinn • One who came to meet the Worldly Desires in the Abyss Purski • Destiny Invitee Purski • Elephant-headed Godchild Ganesha • One who came to meet the Worldly Desires in the Abyss Ganesha
Event None

Demonic Compendium
By Alignment Law SeraphimEntityDemon GodVileAvianGoddessHeavenly GodRaptorDivineEvil DemonWild BirdYomaEarth ElementMachine
Neutral ReaperHoly BeastBeastFairyElementalFiendDemigodWilderDragon KingNocturneGodly Beast
Chaos FoulBruteHauntDragonFallen AngelFemmeNation RulerEarth MotherEvil DragonGuardianDestroyerTyrantGaian
By Species Gods Demon GodGoddessEntity
Aerials SeraphimDivineFallen Angel
Guardians VileHeavenly GodReaperNation RulerEarth MotherGuardianDestroyer
Demoniacs Evil DemonEarth ElementBruteFemme
Dragons Dragon KingDragonEvil Dragon
Magica YomaFairyDemigodNocturneTyrant
Birds AvianRaptorWild Bird
Beasts Holy BeastBeastWilderGodly Beast
Evil Spirits Haunt
Fouls Foul
Elementals Elemental
Humans FiendGaian
Machines Machine

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