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Modification is a means of improving a weapon's abilities through the application of specific items that will raise its basic stats or the strength of an affinity when using the weapon.


Basic Modifying Tutorial

The Master Dwarf NPC in Shinjuku Babel offers a quest that explains the modification process in full. Once you have the cabinets and items to modify your weapon with, unequip your weapon, double-click on the cabinet to use, double-click on your weapon to bring it into the cabinet window, then double-click on the item you want to use to upgrade it.

When modifying, you have to start off with the +1 modification item for the appropriate slot. For example, your first modification item for Magic, slot 1, would be a Dis-Stone.

The cabinet window tells you the chance of failing. If you fail, all that happens is the item you attempted to use to upgrade your weapon is destroyed. You have a chance of Success or Great Success - Success means you succeeded in adding 1 stat to your weapon, Great Success means 2.

There is also a chance of Great Failure which causes not only the modification material to be destroyed, but will also destroy the weapon itself. A message will appear saying that the Modification miserably failed and your item has been lost. Using Material Sequencer items will prevent this from happening.

Upgrading Slots

You can "stack" modification items of the same attribute in your slot. For example: once your item is +1, you can upgrade that same slot with the next modification item, +2, and so on. You just open the cabinet, put in your weapon, and put the next item in the slot. You can get your weapon to +10 of your chosen attribute doing this.

When reading the charts below, take note that the modification chances are assuming that you are using a Cabinet Pro.

Slot 1

Slot 2

Slot 3

Slot 4

Slot 5

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