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Minimum Requirement

How to initiate

Head to the dungeon of your choice (Currently only Celu Tower, Suginami Tunnels, Shibuya Quartz, Old Ichigaya Camp, or Ueno Mirage). Buy and bring the plate of the dungeon of your choice (Bronze / Silver / Gold) and use it on the pillar. After selecting the pillar, you will be given a choice to activate WILDCAT.


The timer may change a bit when in party. Whether they join the run or not, you will take that party's time limit.

Notable difference between normal and WILDCAT run

  • Players do not gain any XP during the WILDCAT.
  • Demons gain 100% more XP during WILDCAT runs.
  • A screen filter is applied during the run that alters the appearance of the dungeon.
  • The dungeon run is same as you would run the dungeon normally.
    • You are controlling the demon instead of your character.
  • All demons doing the run must be Open Hearts or Linked by Fate.
  • Your party members must have a working WILDCAT.
  • You will use the WILDCAT β during the dungeon creation.
    • If you don't have the WILDCAT β return and talk to Setsu to get another one.
  • There is a time limit that is based on your party size: The bigger the party, the lower the amount of time given.
    • You will automatically lose if the timer reaches zero. The timer will stop upon defeating the boss.
  • If your demon dies in the dungeon and you gave up, your character will die too
  • You cannot revive at Zone Entrance nor Home Point when defeated. Therefore, if your demon died, you must either request for revival (Party only), use the Balm of Life (Dungeon) or give up.
    • You are given a one minute limit to decide either giving up or waiting for rescue. You are forced to give up after the 1 minute period if you stayed dead
    • Normal Balm of Life cannot be used. Only Balm of Life (Dungeon) can be used.
  • Your demon cannot access normal Inventory items outside of (Dungeon) items. Loot can still be acquired.
  • Most of the player commands are unusable during the run. The chat box "Say" will not appear above your demon.
  • Your demon has no dot on the compass. Your party members demons are white dot on the compass. The dark orange dots are the dungeon demons.
  • Demon quests don't update when you kill demons.


  • Your demon will be rewarded soul points depending on how fast you finish the dungeon. They are used by the demon to gain access to skills that they can't naturally have. Please note that skills gained through Soul Points will be under Inheritance Skills listed at 100%. Some skills have a demon level requirement before they can be bought.
    • First example : Inexperienced Jack Frost cannot learn Fire spells naturally. By using Soul Points for a Fire spell, Inexperienced Jack Frost can learn and cast that Fire spell regardless of his natural skill learning.
    • Second example : Inexperienced Pyro Jack normally cannot Limit Break unless affected by player gears. By using the Soul Points for a Passive Skill, Overkiller 1, that allows it to Limit Break, that Pyro Jack can Limit Break without the help of player gears.
  • You can redeem the Soul Points in Cathedral of The Shadow by talking to the Demon Researcher and selecting the 仲魔にスキルを習得させる option.

Physical Skills (物理スキル)

Magic Skills (魔法スキル)

Curative Skills (回復スキル)

Support Skills (支援スキル)

Status Aliment Skills (状態異常スキル)

Defensive Skills (防御スキル)

Demon Passive Skills (仲魔向けパッシブスキル)

Summoner Passive Skills (召喚者向けパッシブスキル)

Prestige Skills (プレステージスキル)

  • This menu is where you can apply various skill orbs to your summoned demon. Please visit the Demon Sacrifice page for more information.

Loading Screen Art (JPN)


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