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A run accessible via バリュアブルなプロトピア住人 NPC in Protopia (x27 y21).
It has a time limit of 10 minutes and a total of 12 floors. Once the time has run out the run will end automatically.

Each challenge floor requires you to only kill specific demons in the room, if you kill any other demons in that room it will reset and you will have to start over.

All demons have about 8k-12k HP and high aggro range so be careful! You can only leave by traesto or Resurrecting at home point. After each challenge a small treasure chest will spawn, don't forget to pick it up!


Level Requirements

Level 55 (Need C-Class DB License) SOLO ONLY


1 Valuable Card

Requirements To Clear Challenge

Challenge Hint Demons to Defeat Don't kill
1 Bird Species (Wild Bird, Avian, Raptor) Anzu, Badb Catha, Yatagarasu Cockatrice, Vouivre, Basilisk
2 Ice Weakness Yatagarasu, Kinnari, Basilisk, Anzu Ganesha, Fomorian (Ice null)
3 Magica Species (Nocturne, Tyrant, Fairy, Demigod, Yoma) Empusa, Apsaras, Purski, Queen Mab Edimmu, Leanan Sidhe
4 [ヂ・ヅ] in the title of the Demon Tajikarao, Take-Mikazuchi Nozuchi, Mizuchi, Okuninushi, Basilisk
5 Fire Weakness Nozuchi, Leanan Sidhe, Qing-Long, Cockatrice, Basilisk Anzu (Fire null)
6 Holy Beast Group Pa Bil Sag, Senri, Sleipnir Narasimha, Xuan Wu, Catoblepas
7 Electric Weakness Badb Catha, Fomorian, Xuan Wu, Unicorn, Quetzalcoatl Catoblepas (Electric reflect)
8 [プ] in the title of the Demon Apsaras, Purski, Empusa, Sleipnir Queen Mab, Catoblepas
9 Dragon King Group Nozuchi, Mizuchi, Vouivre, Yurlungur Qing Long, Quetzalcoatl
10 Force Weakness Take-Mikazuchi, Badb Catha, Mizuchi, Catoblepas Yatagarasu, Senri (Force reflect)
11 Yoma Group Apsaras, Kinnari, Onkot, Purski, Ganesha Fomorian
12 Magic Weakness Tajikarao, Onkot, Yurlungur, Narasimha, Edimmu Unicorn (Magic null)

Treasure Chests

  • 1-20 Sand of Logic (Always)
  • Random Medium Runestone
  • Random Large Runestone
  • Relics
  • Tarot Cards - Clubs/Cups/Rods/Pentacles IX ~ X
  • Epitaph Base
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