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Scarlet Electric Lancer from Odin Care Gift

Normally with game wikis you allow people to add whatever information to the wiki they wish to unless you know absolutely the information is false or spam.

If you want further verification, or clarification, then add a [verification needed] notice inline to the statement. This allows people who read the page to know that something was claimed and others wish for a source, proof or citation. If the person reading sees a request for verification when reading an article and has further knowledge they are more likely to add the information, otherwise they are unlikely to add it. A verification request also prompts people reading it to do their own investigation if able.

Your edit comment also references an image which is not present in the edit. I assume this references a post on the forum, however because you don't link it is impossible for other people to check it. Questions directed at a specific individuals should go on the user's 'user talk' page. Edit comments should only contain what was changed and why. - AnnanFay (talk) 06:56, 29 December 2013 (EST)

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