Underworld Battle Colosseum

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A battle-type competition that aims at five rounds in 15 minutes.

Admission is possible at the Demon Researcher NPC at North Terminal of Dark Babel.

There are two levels of difficulty [Normal] and [Transcendental]. [Normal] is almost equal to Ultimate Battle of Kakyou Castle. [Transcendental] is one of the most difficult battles of the game.

Entry with party is possible and there is no entrance restriction.

Rounds progress:

Touching the box at the center of the Colosseum will start the competition.

The total time limit is 15 minutes. When kill all enemies, it automatically progresses to the next round, and when the timer reaches 0, it ends.

After each round boxes with rewards appears.

In the case of [Transcendental], the enemies firepower is strengthened, and their suffered damage is greatly reduced.

In rounds 2 and 4 either Player or Demon damage will be disabled.

Round 1: Bad status 【damaged amplification】= Increase 50% damage received.

Round 3: Enemies have Almighty and Suicide resistance.

Round 5: High resists for enemies and Bad status 【Cooldown and Incant Extended】= 200% Cooldown/Incant increase

Round 5: Bad status 【Physical damage suppression】 or 【Magic damage suppression】= -200% Physical/Magical damage given

Round 5: Spell use unavailable(all spells) or Special skill use unavailable(expertise skills such switch skills).


Normal boxes and green boxes filled with DF items, Jellys, Runestones, Material piercing, gems, rebirth special itite, etc.

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