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How to Fuse

Tyrant Demon 1 Demon 2 Demon 3 Level Plugin needed ?
King Frost Inexperienced Jack Frost Jack Frost Deformed Jack Frost 40 No
Hecate Artemis Quetzalcoatl Yaksni 59 No
Parvati Ganga Dakini
Kali Decarabia
Moloch Coatlicue Artemis Orobas 64 No
Loki Odin Hel Sleipnir 69 No
Chernobog Kurama-Tengu
Tzitzimitl Coatlicue Quetzalcoatl Kali 70 Plug-in:Tzitzimitl
Surt Jikokuten Fenrir Shiki-Ouji 72 Plug-in: Dark Orb of the Inferno
Throne Hecate Surt
Chi You Atavaka Tao Tie Tao Wu 82 Plug-in: Chi You
Astaroth Kali Artemis Throne 85 Plug-in: Duke Of Terror
Beelzebub (Human) Astaroth Moloch Ghoul 85 Plug-in:Beelzebub(Human)
Mara (Amorphous) Girimehkala Surt Hecate 95 Plug-in: Papiyas
Mara Girimehkala Moloch Mara (Amorphous) 95 Plug-in: Mara
Beelzebub (Fly) Astaroth Moloch Baphomet 95 Plug-in:Beelzebub(Fly)

9YQ7b1l.png King Frost

Main article: King Frost

The king of snow, ruling over an infinite number of Jack Frosts. He has the power to freeze the entire world, but his personality is actually very naive.

6oXdajk.png Hecate

Main article: Hecate

A goddess who was first mentioned by Hesiod as a daughter of the Titans. Later, she became the goddess of magical arts, associated with ghosts, crossroads, and demons. In the Late Classic period, her image was further demonized, as she began being depicted with three heads: a horse, a dog, and a lion.

yFU36Ba.png Moloch

Main article: Moloch

Moloch refers to either a god or a particular kind of sacrifice associated with fire. He appears, and is mentioned in, the Old Testament as a god that Moses forbade the Israelites to worship.

SwyIDny.png Loki

Main article: Loki

The blond-haired, blue-eyed trickster god of Norse mythology. He was born of the race of giants, but was accepted as one of the Aesir by Odin. He is strikingly handsome, but has a cunning streak that makes him a frequent nuisance to others.

His murder of Baldr, Odin's son and the god of light, robbed the world of light and signaled the beginning of Ragnarok, the end times.

With the giantess Angrboda he sired three children: the giants wolf Fenrir, the world serpent Jormungandr, and the goddess of the underworld, Hel.

At Ragnarok, Loki will lead the giants in their battle against the gods. There, he will fight the light god Heimdall, who had taken back the necklace Brísingamen after Loki stole it from the goddess Freya, and the two will slay each other.

vhtsrFF.png Tzitzimitl

Main article: Tzitzimitl

hxVkFLI.png Surt

Main article: Surt

A giant of Norse mythology. His name means "black" or "jet black."

Surt is the king and protector of the giant race of Muspel. He guards the entrance to Muspelheim, home of the Muspel, and is said to have been sitting on the edge of Muspelheim since before the world was created,

Surt wields the magic sword Laevateinn, whose blade shines brighter than the sun. With it, Surt can reduce all around him to ashes in one stroke.

At Ragnarok, the end of the world, Surt will defeat Frey, who wields a deer's horn. He is the only one of his race who will survive the battle, and will go on to incinerate the world in a sea of fire in preperation for its rebirth.

Chi You.jpg Chi You

Main article: Chi You


Main article: Astaroth

Astaroth appears as an ugly angel riding a dragon and holding a viper in his left hand. It is thought that this powerful grand-duke presides over 40 legions, and possibly over the East and is treasurer of hell. The Sidonians and Phlistines worshiped him in the past. Wierus mentions that he knows of past and future events, secret things, liberal arts, and the story of creation and the fall of angels. He also believes he received an unjust punishment. Some magicians say he procures the goodwill of great lords and can be summoned on Wednesday. He is said to emit a powerful fetid odor, and to endure that, the magician should hold a silver magical ring that prevents odors under his nose.

Goetia quote: “The Twenty-ninth Spirit is Astaroth. He is a Mighty, Strong Duke, and appeareth in the Form of an hurtful Angel riding on an Infernal Beast like a Dragon, and carrying in his right hand a Viper. Thou must in no wise let him approach too near unto thee, lest he do thee damage by his Noisome Breath. Wherefore the Magician must hold the Magical Ring near his face, and that will defend him. He giveth true answers of things Past, Present, and to Come, and can discover all Secrets. He will declare wittingly how the Spirits fell, if desired, and the reason of his own fall. He can make men wonderfully knowing in all Liberal Sciences. He ruleth 40 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, which wear thou as a Lamen before thee, or else he will not appear nor yet obey thee, etc.”

dhWML5Z.png Beelzebub (Human)

Main article: Beelzebub (Human)


Main article: Lucifuge

8dR79o4.png Mara (Amorphous)

Main article: Mara (Amorphous)

An Eastern demon lord who tempted Buddha during his training. He is a master of fear, and his immense power reaches to every part of the globe. His distant offspring includes Mare and Mora.

Mara.jpg Mara

Main article: Mara

An Eastern demon lord who tempted Buddha during his training. He is a master of fear, and his immense power reaches to every part of the globe. His distant offspring includes Mare and Mora.

ZuwlzdA.png Beelzebub (Fly)

Main article: Beelzebub (Fly)
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