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Requirements: Lv 70 and DB license Class B

MAP is not displayed in both the lobby and the dungeon

It is a twin tower dungeon, consisting of the North Tower and the South Tower. In this dungeon, the enemy's resistance differs depending on the route, the North Tower is magically ineffective, and the South Tower is physically ineffective .

A fallen angel NPC is installed for each floor of each tower, and when you pass out a curse or kill the enemies, the plasmas in six floors lights up, and the boss Lucifuge will be strengthened, and the branches reward at end will increase.

When equipped with the CP talisman "Great magic book", it is possible to move from the entrance to the front of the 6th floor plasmas, and you have the option to light up all plasmas. All party members can do it even if just one have the Great Magic Book.

Boss room have green and purple endchests. Green can give Lucifuge plugin item and the purple gives branches.

You can exchange branches for various items with Yagimuni at TMG lobby.

Demon Active skills:

Last Word: 4000 branches: Level 80

Distant Strike: 1800 branches: Level 80

Magic Canon: 1800 branches: Level 80

Corona Attack: 500 branches

Blizzard Attack: 500 branches

Lightning Attack: 500 branches

Hurricane Attack: 500 branches

Corona Spread: 500 branches

Blizzard Spread: 500 branches

Lightning Spread: 500 branches

Hurricane Spread: 500 branches

Demon passive skills:(can have only one of each type)

Murderous Secret 1: 750 branches

Murderous Secret 2: 1500 branches

Murderous Secret 3: 3000 branches

Continuous attack Strength: 3000 branches

Continuous Attack Magic: 3000 branches

Continuous Attack Vitality: 3000 branches

Continuous Attack Intelligence: 3000 branches

Continuous attack Speed: 3000 branches

Continuous attack Luck: 3000 branches

Secret of Fire Deadly: 1000 branches

Secret of Fire Destruction: 1000 branches

Secret of Fire Spiral: 1000 branches

Secret of Ice Deadly: 1000 branches

Secret of Ice Destruction: 1000 branches

Secret of Ice Spiral: 1000 branches

Secret of Electricity Deadly: 1000 branches

Secret of Electricity Destruction: 1000 branches

Secret of Electricity Spiral: 1000 branches

Secret of Force Deadly: 1000 branches

Secret of Force Destruction: 1000 branches

Secret of Force Spiral: 1000 branches

Demon force chips:

Body Attack: 1250 branches

Magic shot: 1250 branches

Death Touch: 1250 branches

Deathbound: 1250 branches

Hail Assault: 1250 branches

Hell Fire: 1250 branches

Absolute Zero: 1250 branches

Electrical Discharge: 1250 branches

Vacuum blade: 1250 branches

Vamp cyclone: 1250 branches

Mega Strike: 1250 branches

Thread of the Forest: 1250 branches

Eclipse: 1250 branches

Myriad Arrows: 1250 branches

Barrage of Sadness: 1250 branches

Hidden sword: 1250 branches

Akasha Arts: 1250 branches

Hasso Happa: 1250 branches

Gate of Hell: 1250 branches

Glow of a Thousand Magics: 1250 branches

Fog Breath: 1250 branches

Magical Meteor: 1250 branches

Final Nude: 1250 branches

EXT(COMP tarots)

EXT: Edge device: 2500 branches

EXT: Lance device: 2500 branches

EXT: Knuckle device: 2500 branches

EXT: Shoot device: 2500 branches

EXT: Slug device: 2500 branches

EXT: Through device: 2500 branches

EXT: Flame device: 2500 branches

EXT: Freeze device: 2500 branches

EXT: Thunder device: 2500 branches

EXT: Aero device: 2500 branches

EXT: All devices: 6000 branches

EXT: Holey device: 2500 branches

EXT: Carse device: 2500 branches

EXT: Cure device: 2500 branches

EXT: Spelling device: 2500 branches

EXT: Mind device: 2500 branches

EXT: Nave device: 2500 branches


Lucifuge Plug-in: Exchange the plugin item from the endchest

Summon PG Lucifuge: 6000 branches

DCM Lucifuge: 1000 branches

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