TMG Building

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TMG Building.
Exit(s) Shinjuku (??,??)

A building located in a prominent location of Shinjuku.



DB Asada

After completing a series of quests, he will offer you the Quest: Where the TMG Blueprint Lies, which is a way to obtain Asada Archives full of rare compounding material for Swordsmith and Arms Maker.

Pyro Jack

Will allow you to trade in Underground Suns for a variety of items.


  • After reaching level 70, and obtaining a Class-B DB license, clicking on the Stone Tablet located in the lobby will give you the option to enter TMG Building (False).
  • If you have an Yantra of Destruction or Yantra of Prosperity, you will also have the option to use them on the stone. These will open a fairly difficult instance, so you will need a full and prepared party. (3rd Anniversary Event)
  • If you have an Key of Prison or Master Key you can talk to "Jack Frost" near the stairs to enter the 11 floors Elevator. (7th Anniversary Event)

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