Straight Box

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Type Consumable Stacks 1
A mysterious box containing an item that cannot be be discerned without opening the box.
Additional Effect
  • Use to acquire item containing inside
  • Cannot be traded
How to Get


* Upon opening the Straight Box, you will get 1 random item.

Demonic Compendium Memory: Harpy Paper Currency (50,000 Macca) Cup of Spirits (5x) (Non-Trade) Repair Tool (Hyper, Non-Trade)
Demonic Compendium Memory: Momunofu Ultimate Summon Orb Aphrodisiac A (Non-Trade) Cabinet Pro (2x) (Non-Trade)
Demonic Compendium Memory: Koppa-Tengu Scarlet Stone Aphrodisiac B (Non-Trade) Material Sequencer II (Non-Trade)
Demonic Compendium Memory: Troll Incense of Protection (Non-Trade) Aphrodisiac C (Non-Trade) Mirror of Moonlight (Full Moon) (Non-Trade)
Jikokuten's Crystal Incense of Experience (5x, Non-Trade) Ariadne's Thread (Non-Trade)
Tarot Card: The Star Incense of Experience Demon (5x, Non-Trade) Lethe's Water (Non-Trade)
Tarot Card: The Highpriestess Incense of Mastery (5x, Non-Trade) Hourglass of Reversal (Non-Trade)
Tarot Card: The Empress Balm of Life (Non-Trade)
Tarot Card: The Lovers Orb of Speed (Small, Non-Trade)
Tarot Card: The Tower Beads of Speed (Small, Non-Trade)
Gift Melon (Link) (Non-Trade)


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