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Exit(s) Ueno (17,28)
Fu'un Castle (23,14)

Souhonzan is the city where those of the Chaos alignment gather.



DB Kureha

A Demon Buster. He acts very cold.

Location: Beside Card Maniac Gaian.

Grandpa in Souhonzan

Grandpa that lives in Souhonzan.

Location: Beside Reckless Man

DB Micchi

A Demon Buster that is puzzled. She seems to know your name...

Location: (?)

Card Maniac Gaian

Gaian that is addicted to Demon Card collecting.

Location: Beside DB Kureha

Card list:-

  • Four Spirits of the Soul
  • Guardians of the East
  • Guardians of the West
  • Guardians of the South
  • Guardians of the North

DB Sakamoto

A Demon Buster who is hesitant about killing demons.

Location: (?)

Demon Snack Salesman

Demon Snack Seller. He seems quite a cheerful person.

Location: Near the Junk Collector

Sell : Vanilla & Natto Beans Demon Snack + 1 random Demon Card - 300 macca

Gaian Priest

A Gaian that guard beside the Entrance and Exit of Souhonzan. He can tell you about Souhonzan.

Location: By the entrance/exit of Souhonzan

Gaian Priest (2)

A Gaian that guard the entrance of Fu'un Castle. He will allow you to enter if you have something...

Location:In front of the Fu'un Castle entrance

Gaian Priest: Ningen

A Gaian who had devoted on Gaian's life.

Location: Beside Yoshikuni the Gaian


Gaian Priest: Sakon

Guardian of the gate of the Fu'un castle. Dislike the Messians and wish to ward them off from Souhonzan.

Location: Beside Gaian Priest: Ukon.


Gaian Priest: Ukon

Guardian of the gate of the Fu'un castle. Tells you how you should behave in Fu'un Castle.

Location: Beside Gaian Priest: Sakon

Home point girl

  • The home point girl will give you a Gaia's Traesto no more than once a every 24 real world hours if your clan base is in Souhonzan.
  • She will apply a Incense of Experience (3x) every six hours for those of the Chaos alignment with homepoints set in Souhonzan.
  • She will charge you 50,000 macca to use the Teleportation system.

Location:Beside Yaginuma

Junk Collector

A Junk Collector. He likes to make all sorts of things out of junk. He will gladly take your items that looks useful.

Location: Beside Demon Snack Salesman

Pleading Gaian Priest

A Gaian that need funds to help their conquest.

Location:Next to Magic shop


  • 50,000 macca
  • 10,000 macca
  • 5,000 macca
  • 1,000 macca


  • Require 4,000 macca
  • Bless (Halves XP loss after resurrection for 120 minutes/2 hours).

Reckless Man

A man who lives in Souhonzan.

Location: Beside Grandpa in Souhonzan

Quest: A Simple Quandary: (Cases 1 - 6)


Allows you to access your item and demon storage, purchase of extra storage and demon storage and Clan Key. Also allows you to rent a motorbike or buy a motorbike ticket.

Location: Near Cathedral of the Shadows


Teach about PvP and also a PvP registration clerk.

Location: Near Home Point

Yoshikuni the Gaian

Tells you a bit about the Gaian base before the Great Destruction

Location: Beside Gaian Priest: Ningen


Cathedral of Shadows

Contains Yagiya, Master of the Cathedral of Shadows and Demonic Researcher.

Buy Demonic Compendium Memory

200 DvgHy.png

200 DvgHy.png

Full Moon or 7/8 Moon

135,000 DvgHy.png
full moon only

110,000 DvgHy.png

100,000 DvgHy.png

120,000 DvgHy.png

Demon(Armor Shop)

Armor shop in Souhonzan.
Clothing: Deimon
Accessory: Servant
Four Sisters Hairstylist: Izumi

Ueno Curiosities(Magic Shop)

Robed Man
Grandpa M

Manji Pharmacy(Pharmacy)

Pharmacy in Souhonzan. Manji Taro is the shopkeep.

Sengoku Weapon Shop(Weapon Shop)



The Souhonzan Map is obtained through the quest Find the Map of Souhonzan! in Ueno.

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