Shinjuku Docks: Deep Levels

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Floors B13F and B14F.

Some doors are opened by defeating the enemies of a specific area.

After "Chain of Curse" Act 7, new enemies and bosses are added, a reward treasure box also appears.

Requirements: Chain of Curse Act 7

Location: Entered by a conversation with Nora (Shinjuku Babel X 21, Y 20) beside the elevator. After clearing Chain of Curse Act 7 the entrance will be the elevator girl of Shinjuku Babel (10000 Macca).

The map is vast and there are many places where enemies appear. To proceed, you only need to clear the marked rooms. You can go straight to B14F once you cleared Chain Of Curse Act 7.


When you kill enemies at the marked rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 of B14F (see the map below), the doors at 20/32 & 20/13 can be opened and one rider randomly appears. The other two doors at 21/28 & 21/9 open if you clear the east side of the map just the same as on the west side.

Pale Rider appearance condition: It is necessary to kill the riders in this order: Red Rider > White Rider > Black Rider.

If you do not meet the conditions for Pale Rider, a cut scene shows when the third Rider dies and reward boxes appear.

If you kill Pale Rider, there is chance to get the valuable item "Signs of Engraving" which is used to acquire the 4 riders plug-in.

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