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Exit(s) Shinjuku Babel (22,17)
Nakano (18,18)
TMG Building (19,21)
??? (20,22)
Dark Babel (23,18)

Shinjuku. The abandoned and desolated area, clouded with debris and dominated by the looming TMG Building, this area seems to hide it's true meaning from the world...



??? (x20,y22)

Entrance is found southeast of the TMG Building's entrance. Look for a small hovering light.

Pentalpha (x20,y21)

The Gomory NPC here will allow you access to Pentalpha if you meet the requirements. You must pledge to an alliance before being let in.

Judgement Battle (x22,y18)

Give Spirit of Disaster acquired from any dungeons to the White Plasma to fight a specific Boss. (5th Anniversary Event)

Shinjuku Great Battle (x22,y18)

Give Battle Code: Shinjuku Great Battle acquired from CP Shop to the small vortex to enter in a Shinjuku field filled with dungeon bosses.

Dark Babel (x23,y18)

Click the dark gate to enter.


Woman Gambler, Kyoko


The map for this area is gained by exchanging 30 Cowrie with Gomory in front of the TMG Building as part of Pentalpha.


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