Shinagawa Ice Cave

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Shinagawa Ice Cave
Exit(s) Shinagawa (18,21)

One of the two dungeons in Shinagawa.

Requirements: Lv 50, DB license class C and valuable from Yagia at entrance.

Cost to enter: First time is 2000 Macca. Later depends of alignment (L:8000 Macca, N:10000 Macca, C:12000 Macca)

At Newmoon there is a harder boss, Nyx. Boss and some normal enemies nullifies all magic.

NPCs: Temple night Camellia, Jack Frost (Nyx Plug-in), Shadow (Enhanced Skadi Plug-in)

Time limit of 10 minutes . The more the remaining time is, the more the reward will increase.

You can ignore the enemies in the outside areas, but you need to kill the enemies of the caves to go ahead.

One mysterious demon appears from 3 to 5 floors, but disappears when approaching. Until it disappears All floor enemies are completely invincible.

When the mysterious demon escape your party gains some random bad or good effects.

If equipped with "Blue Poppy" or "Grandis", you can ignore the damage invalidation by the four elements affinities.

You can meet a stronger version of boss if you present Clotho → Lachesis → Atropos to the plasmas on the way(need at least 3 party members).

After clear boss room you can get endchests and rewards for mining some ice walls.


The number of rewards and goods will change in the time of clearing the run. The earlier the better the reward. Chest rewards include: Summon PG: Illusion (Norn), Norn's Crystal, Runestones, Norn or Nyx DCM

Mining rewards

Mining rewards are raffled and differ depending on each day of the week.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Runestones (small, medium or large) Courage Endurance Secrets Life Change Protection Harvest
Tinted Rosaries Magic Fire Ice Force Electric
Zodiac Soul Stones Soul Stone: The Lion Soul Stone: The Crab Soul Stone: The Ram Soul Stone: The Twins Soul Stone: The Archer Soul Stone: The Scales Soul Stone: The Goat
Solar System Soul Stones Earth Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Sacred Relics Egg of Pangu Platinum Spirit Money Crown of the Abyss Rheingold Mithril Wheel Cintamani Ark of the Law

Even if you arrive the boss within the time, neither mining nor clear reward is necessary to do.

Even if you leave by elevator at boss room, there are mining and rewards, but the rare rate is low.

Number of mining = number of PT members who entered the dungeon.

If equipped with "Blue Poppy" or "Grandis", the number of mining is +4.

Any Norn boss can drop Plug-in item rarely. Give it to "Stingy man" NPC in Nakano (X17, Y19)

Nyx boss can drop Plug-in item rarely. Give it to "Jack Frost" NPC in entrance of Shinagawa Ice Cave.

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